5 winter craft ideas for kids

winter craft ideas

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Once winter starts and Spring seems a very long way off, children usually have to stay in their homes instead of enjoying the fresh air outside. Playing outdoors is  great for a while, but they can’t enjoy it for a long time before getting cold. Here are some great winter craft ideas for kids to help them get creative – because arts and crafts are usually really fun over the coming months!

Paper snowflakes

These are quick, easy, and they require a very minimal amount of supplies – just paper and scissors, that’s it! If you want, you can get them some coloured paper for livelier snowflakes, or some silver glitter glue to make them glisten. The paper needs to be a square, and all you need to do is have your child fold it several times over until it forms a small triangle. Once they do that, they can make tiny cutouts in several places, then unfold the paper and get a very pretty result. It’s likely that the initial tries will result in something that resembles a mess full of strange holes rather than a proper snowflake, but as they cut more and more they’ll learn how to give it better form. Of course, you can also give them some templates like the ones here. That way they’ll know exactly where to cut and they’ll get beautiful ornaments that you can later stick to their bedroom window or hang up on the wall.

winter craft ideas

Pretty snow globes

Who doesn’t love snow globes? They’re such a charming little decoration to put up in your room, and your kids can easily make their own with some help. You’ll need jars (the smaller, the better), glue, glycerin, polymer clay (FIMO works), and glitter. Have your child make a tiny clay figurine that they’d like to put in the jar, then let it dry. You can also use a small plastic toy for this purpose if you prefer. Glue the figure to the lid of your jar, and let it dry while you fill the jar itself with water, a few drops of glycerin (this will make the glitter float), and glitter. Screw the lid shut, shake well, and turn it upside down. Voila! A nice little snow globe in your hands.

winter craft ideas

Cookie baskets

Baking cookies is definitely a skill your kid would love to learn, and even though it might get a little messy, they’ll enjoy every second of it. They can help you measure and pour the ingredients, and they can make shapes from the dough and decorate everything with frosting. Once the cookies are baked, leave them to cool and get a basket (or several) that you can decorate. Colourful flowers or those paper snowflakes are a great choice, and you can also get a pretty personalised ribbon for them to use. Each basket could have a ribbon with the name of the person you plan to give it to, be it a family member, a friend, or maybe a teacher. When you’re done just put the cookies in and have your kid brighten someone’s day by sharing the sweets!

winter craft ideas

Bird feeders

Little birds get cold and hungry during winter, and your child is bound to feel good if they help them get through the cold season. The only thing they need to make a bird feeder are a few pine cones. Pierce little holes at the top of the pine cones with a needle and pull some string through it, then let your kid spread peanut butter or lard over the cones with a plastic knife. Have them roll the cones in some bird seed, and then hang them up in your front porch, or on the trees outside. Your little one will have done a good deed and they’ll be very pleased about saving a few birdies.

winter craft ideas

Greeting cards

Greeting cards give your child the freedom to unleash their creativity and make whatever they want. From glitter glue and fancy stickers, to coloured markers and little paper cutouts. There are a ton of greeting card ideas that are easy to pull off, and they’ll be eager to make one for every member of the family.

winter craft ideas

Making crafts is a great opportunity to bond with your child. Get them enough supplies, let them play, and enjoy watching them get in touch with their imagination and creativity. For more ideas to encourage creativity in children see here.

Which of the above crafts did you like the look of? Or perhaps you have some additional winter crafts to suggest? Do leave a comment and share.

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