Work at home mum? Home office design ideas to keep you focused

Home office design

As anyone who’s worked from home understands, it’s important that you remain disciplined in your pursuit of remote working. It’s far too easy to stay in your comfy clothes in bed rather than getting dressed and beginning the working day, especially when the working day is in your home. This guide will give you all the information you need to create the perfect home working office space. We’ll cover things like lighting, location, and comfort, and drill you on how to get the most from your working day. Read on for some home office design tips!

Move under the stairs

When it comes to home office design, the first on your list of home working considerations should be the location. Try and choose an office space away from any natural distractions, things like televisions, games consoles, Netflix – they’re all temptations that will suck you away from your working day. It’s not even isolated to electricals either, people will do anything in the name of procrastination, even cleaning. Many home workers are now opting to move below the stairs and kitting out their under-the-stairs cupboard into a custom office space. Space-pending of course, we don’t want any Harry Potter situations unfolding here!

Find the natural light

Natural light is a good way to awaken the mind and make you feel like you’re actually meant to be doing some sort of mental labour. Sitting in a dark room will sap the motivation and inspiration from you, making you tired and more tempted to slip back into bed. Place yourself in a room with plenty of natural light or close to a large window. Alternatively, why not take a look at the selection of amazing products offered by Pagazzi Lighting. They provide an essential range of contemporary home and office lighting perfect for equipping your office with some of the coolest design around.

Comfortable seating is key

While one of the main benefits and attractions of home working is the comfort element, we don’t want to be too comfortable to the point we slip into our homely way of being. While you may want to opt for a chair that’s a little more comfortable than your office at work, it’s good to choose something that forces you to sit up straight at a desk and feel like you’re actually doing something worthwhile. Something strong and sturdy that supports your back – no inflatable chairs – this isn’t Google. 

Hopefully this home office design guide has provided you with enough office inspiration to get started with your home-office renovation. The key to defeating procrastination is by simply doing, but it can certainly be helped by altering your surroundings to suit you.

Do you work from home and crave a productive space? What do you think of the above home office design suggestions? Do leave a comment below and share. And if you enjoyed this post why not check out our tips on ways to add friendly elements to your home work space.


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