11 effective ways to build your blog traffic apart from SEO – what works & what doesn’t

Text Content is King with underline and a ball pen aside.

I am very lucky to have tripled my blog traffic in a very small amount of time – well, since I begun my blog at the beginning of this year. Hang on – is this luck? Or is it really something else. In truth, there has probably been a lot more then just luck that has got me there and having tried a lot of different permutations owing to previous background as an Editor of an online platform, I am now fairly confident that I know what has worked for me, and what hasn’t. So here and now, I’m going to share with you 11 effective ways to build your blog traffic – apart from annoying SEO.

1. Content is king

Keep it real, be the best blogger you can be, be bold and write about interesting subjects people want to read about and can relate to, as frequently as you are able to without compromising the quality of your content. Have a strong voice and identity, and this, along with the quality of your content will soon see a following develop. Practical guides, list pieces and humour always seem to do the best. If you don’t have any inspiration to write, don’t write. Simples.

2. Social media

As far as you can be, be obsessive about social media, but be targeted in your obsession. Whilst Facebook & Twitter still win hands down in bringing in blog traffic (these can not and must not be ignored!), as much as people don’t “get it” and although you might feel like you’re throwing stones into the deafening sea, it’s a badly kept secret that posting to Google+ helps to increase your visibility on searches. ย Although I have experimented with all the social media platforms, if I had two choose only three to focus on, it would be these (sorry Pinterest, as much as I love you, you still bring me diddly squat traffic).

Note: There are lots of free tools out there to help you seem like you’re online when you’re not. The ones for Twitter are probably the most important in my book (you can really wing the rest) – I’ve experimented with them and my favourite tool is Future Tweets for its pure simplicity or Tweet Deck for something an little more complex.

3. By wary of syndication

While it might be everyone’s dream to appear on the likes of Huffington Post or Scary Mommy – be careful. You can spend a lot of time dancing around trying to get into them, feeling like a schmuck as a result, and when they publish you, it can be astonishing how little traffic they bring you. However said that, others who might republish or shout about your work with considerably less effort – for example the lovely Netmums and Mumsnet – bring you much more. Cast your votes therefore wisely. Your time may be better off spent building your traffic in other ways featured in this list.

4. Host guests posts

One of the best things I have done on this blog has been to host guest blog posts. Not only because they can provide really interesting, refreshing content in a complimentary voice to your own, but also because it helps you to widen your network out to their readers too. The #beingamother project which I run is a prime example of this…and while we are all busy bees, people are usually most happy to take up the opportunity for additional exposure.

5. Run interviews

Interviews are such a great format, and can really help you publish some juicy content if they are with someone interesting or on a strong subject which is often not talked about enough. Top tip: rather than thinking WHO you want to interview, perhaps think what subject you’ve always wondered about and then find the corresponding person to interview like with my What is it really like being a single mum interview here.

6. Participate in linkies

Linkies are a great way of getting your blog posts read by others who might not otherwise see them, and can often help a post go viral. See this fab all encompassing Linky List by You Baby Me Mummy, and my favourite linkies here. You can also read Cuddle Fairy’s guide to how to participate in linkies here.

The linky game this takes some experimenting. Some bring a lot more traffic than others and it’s just a case of mucking in, seeing what comes back and deciding where to sow your seed from thereon in.

7. Run a series

This might sound like hard work, but honestly, all you need is a strong idea, a little bit of vision and some organisation. When I first started my #beingamother project series it was off the back of a random thought that just popped into my head one day. I didn’t overthink it, and didn’t really think about what it would become, but truly, it has gathered a really great following with people looking forward to the next edition each week, which keeps people coming back to read the next installment.

8. Experiment, experiment, experiment

The only way you’ll learn what brings the traffic is is by trying lots of different things whenever you can. Of course, we are all time starved so I don’t mean trying to do everything all at once, but perhaps try to do one new thing at a time each week and see if it has any impact. For example, my thing this week is putting my content onย Reddit to see if that yields any traction for me.

9. Shout as loud as you can!

Because if you don’t, nobody else will. Plus if you have great content, and nobody knows about it, what is the point? Twitter is your best friend here for reaching influencers who might not otherwise see your posts. It’s amazing how far things can travel this way, and you might even get republished by accident without your ego having to go 10 rounds with a big platform!

10. Show the blogger love

Give your fellow bloggers love, and they shall love you back. If you can scratch their back with bringing traffic in for them, most bloggers are lovely and will somehow do the same. This is just a mindset thing – show them love on Twitter, linkies…just show them love!

11. Ping!

I am fanatical about Pinging. Pinging is basically what tells all the search engines that you have got new content up on your blog so they can get busy indexing it. You should be Pinging every time a new post goes live if you want to increase your search engine traffic. If you are clueless to Pinging then check out this guide here.

Well, I hope you found that mini-guide helpful. If you have any questions about, or suggestions to add to this list, please do leave a comment below…

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  1. I think the most important thing is to do what you do in the way you want to do it – that way, you’ll enjoy it and stay true to yourself. Linkies are definitely a good way of getting traffic, as well as finding new blogs and building new relationships. Agree re HuffPo – I’m a blogger on there. It’s rubbish for directing traffic to your own blog in my experience, but excellent for profile raising as a campaigner – so it depends what you’re doing it for just like anything. Interesting post #Sharewithme x

    • Absolutely agree about Huff Po on the campaigner front…it definitely depends what your objective is and I guess as a former owner of a Lifestyle website I think I am a bit of a narcissist when it comes to traffic haha! I’m still looking forward to having you on the blog lovely x

  2. This is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read on this subject. I don’t know what google+ is and i don’t know what pinging is either. I’ve got some homework to do! I find it really difficult to shout about blog posts. I think if I’ve tweeted a few times that’s probably enough, which it probably isn’t. Mind you I also don’t look at my stats (on the very good advice, for me, of a sporty husband) so as much as I think ‘yes I should do this’ I then think ‘whhyy!?’. Haha, I’m clearly just confused. Still, a meandering comment to say great post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it…but if you don’t care about you stats you must feel very happy – because stats can be evil paranoia inducing things…

  3. I know I need to create a Facebook page, but I’ve been putting it off – it’s just another thing that I’d have to find time to do when blogging is hard enough!

    • I put it off for so long and it’s painful because it grows slowly – actually a lot of the time now Twitter takes over on Facebook for my traffic but when things go viral, it’s always a Facebook thing!

  4. Interesting post thank you. I have no idea about Ping either so will go and have a read. I am finding at the moment Linkys are hit and miss for me. A few linkys I have joined in with I have not had a single comment. But then others bring you lots of traffic. Its all about finding out what works for you and your blog x

    • Absolutely some are ace – some are rubbish! I think a lot of people hit and run with the bigger ones….definitely about working out what works and what doesn’t…

  5. I’m feeling disheartened with linkys – if you aren’t one of the first to link no one bothers to come back. Others link up really vague posts. I have been blogging for nearly 4 years and never heard of pinging – off to find out more! #sharewithme

    • I think it depends on the linky…I think the thing is to steer clear of anything that is too big, but I have never been the first to link to anything but depending on which linky…not naming names…I can get some quite good traction. But it can be frustrating hit and miss, you’re right.

  6. I love this! I knew about google+ but it can be so disheartening when no one really interacts! im a bit of a linky hoe at the moment so getting out there and finding the best ones! (i am about to check out your linky list) Thanks for sharing! #Picknmix

  7. Wonderful guide. I know nothing about Ping so that’s the next thing I need to go and research.
    Thanks for a really helpful list!
    Vix x

  8. I have not done/heard of half the things on your list. Yes, sadly I am a technophobe but slowly slowly I’m learning my way round. I have bookmarked this page and will be studying in depth. Thanks for the tips. Just so much I have not realised. #TheList

    • But luckily you have some ace content lovely so that will make up for some of it! Otherwise you could just bribe people with cake ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  9. Some fab points here! I think with linkies you need to bear in mind that even if you only get a few visits and comments directly from it, if the blogger or bloggers running it have a big Twitter following and are retweeting you, then you’ll get visits that way as well, and possibly more followers from their thousands of followers being introduced to you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  10. I definitely feel that with FB and Twitter I get lost in all the noise. Glad to know it’s working for you so I hope to have the same success and I’ll keep plugging at it. Thanks for the other tips!

  11. Fab tips, thanks so much! Now if only someone could come up with how to fit more hours in the day, that would be great! That seems to be my biggest problem – finding the time to dedicate to all these channels. But, I am determined to crack this at some point and find a system that is time efficient and works for me. Until then, thanks for all the great tips, it’s always so good to hear first-hand how other bloggers have managed to increase their traffic. x

  12. I had never heard of pinging either! I will have to look into it… Since I’ve gone back to work I’ve found it so hard to keep up the blogging pace, but I really miss it, so am looking at ways to pick it up again, I might even change jobs / start something else of my own. Also somehow I managed to miss you introducing a linky (damn work sucking up my time). I must come and join in.

    • We miss you too Lucy! So hard to juggle blogging and working. If you have time this week the new linky kicks off Thursday 6am and runs until end of Sunday hope you can make it xx

  13. Great tips, I’m going to look up some of these now. My blog isn’t a money maker nor do I write to gain influence but I do write in the hope that people read it so traffic is important to me too!

  14. These are fantastic tips hunny thank you so much. I really need to focus on these a bit more my traffic has been getting worse instead of slowly better in the last three or four months. I am trying to turn that around. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round of sharing. #sharewithme

  15. What a great post. Loads of really good tips and I am going to start pinging! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  16. Great advice! Thanks for sharing, I do most of that but can improve in some areas (like Google+ which I totally don’t understand how to utilise!). #sharewithme (you were the featured post) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! Google plus is very annoying but a necessary evil – best thing to do is set up an automatic feed to it so then you are there…without really having to be confused by it! x

  17. So much to think about! Just thinking today that I should up my game on Twitter and idly wondered what apps other bloggers use for scheduling, so good to get your thoughts on that – perfect timing, thanks! #coolmumclub

  18. I’ve never heard of a ping without a pong. I don’t know how to use Google +. Once I tried to read my stats and couldn’t work it out. This was really interesting. I’m going to save it for if I ever get a bit more serious about this whole blogging caper! #coolmumclub

  19. Great list and tips. Nr 3 rings true….. a reader sharing a post in a private FB group brought my blog more traffic than all the big sites I’ve written for put together. You just never know what will click with someone and get spread about! #coolmumclub

  20. Some great points which I’ll be taking on board from this, thank you! Didn’t know that about Google+ and I’ve never heard of pinging so I’ll be looking at both of those! Thank you for the advice and for hosting #coolmumclub ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS, can’t believe you’ve only been blogging since the start of the year, your blog is fab!!

  21. This is absolutely fantastic! I am always looking for new ways to increase traffic and having my blog read by those who would appreciate it. This guide is great for anyone who needs a bit of a point in the right direction.


  22. Do you remember the film ‘Short Circuit’ where Johnny 5 reads books and uploads all the info shouting “INPUT!”? ….Well that. So much brilliant information for a newby blogger like me. Thank you – and thanks for hosting x #coolmumclub

  23. I agree re the Huff. I’m proud to say I didn’t flagellate myself trying to get on and got accepted the first try but the shocker is that despite thousands of shares I got ZERO traffic to the blog. There again it did help my FB page likes.
    And I had no idea bout pinging!

  24. What a fantastic list! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve only been blogging for six months and still finding my feet in terms of increasing traffic and taking part in linkys etc. This list is really helpful and I’ve already added it to my favourites. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ #coolmumclub

  25. Ooh good advice! 3 is so true! I guess the benefit is the small chance that wider audience could help something go viral and therefore make you better known, but that is unlikely. For traffic, definitely rubbish. Have also noticed that they tend (not always, sometimes they will) to not promote humour posts much, which can get a little annoying. They promote so much more when controversial or soppy, & I get why from their point of view, but I haven’t really enjoyed my dabbling with serious posts so much – I get really stressed about the responses I will get.

    I haven’t been posting much on HP lately, and my fb page stats have been really rubbish recently (not that they were ever amazing, but have dropped a lot) – on basis of what Prabs said above I am now wondering if posting frequently to HP was helping my fb, though not my blog and I didn’t realise!

    Have also noticed that if a post does get a lot more attention than others on my blog, though traffic is obviously improved, my bounce rate (which is usually okay) goes to hell, as people are only bothering with that post (usually through fb referrals)

    I am clueless about pings so will be looking into this! #coolmumclub

  26. Fabulous post! I need a to-do list to start trying some of your ideas! I’ve never heard of pinging, but going to check it out straight away! Thanks #coolmumclub

  27. I’m so happy this post has been helpful to many of you…I’m no expert by any means but just wanted to share the little knowledge I have picked up along the way in case it would be helpful to all you lovelies. Thanks everyone for reading xx

  28. This post is extremely useful! I’ve read a few different blogs now that discuss ways to build traffic, but this one by far is the most helpful, thanks so much!

  29. Thank you very much for this. I am thinking of guest blogging… but not sure how to go about doing it?? Anyhow – I will google it of -course. The other new thing is the futuretweets, I’m on tweetdeck at the moment but futuretweets looks so much simpler. I will experiment. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ #coolmumclub

  30. Hi Tayla,
    By any chance do you know how to set up Google + for my blog? I see from your Google + page (which I follow) that your profile is for mummscribbles, rather than your own name…but I can’t find anywhere that let’s me post as YOU THE DADDY (rather than my actual name). How did you do it?! Any advice would be really appreciated!

  31. Really informative post. I need to look into to this ping it thing? I also would like to host my own linky party but have no idea where to start, keep looking for a blog post on it but haven’t found one yet!

  32. Such a helpful post. I’ve been blogging about 3 months now. I’m pretty pleased with how my Twitter following is growing but visits to my actual blog are still very low. I’ve got lots of new tactics try now so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Thanks so much for this blog post. It’s really good to share ideas and I agree that growing organically across many social media platforms is better than relying on a single one to help you grow. Given that I work in PR I’m always looking for the next best marketing tool and you’ve given me some food for thought to explore further. Thank you x

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