30 + childhood wishes: The magic of a childhood wish

childhood wishesDid you use to make wishes all the time as a child? I know I certainly did. There’s something so magical about a wish – the sense of hope and magic it can bring – when you threw a penny in a fountain, or blew a dandelion clock, or blew out  birthday candles, or in that moment before you fell asleep at night and wished for something with all your heart’s might. Think about how magical it would have been if one of your wishes came true. That’s why – you may have seen on my social media – I support Make-A-Wish, an incredible charity which grants wishes to seriously ill children. Because I believe in the difference a truly magical wish can make to a child who needs that hope so much.

Take Ethan, who’s wish was to be an American Police Officer for the day and ride a cop car. Ethan, aged 6, is living with non-correctable and palliated congenital heart defects. The condition can require surgery and the symptoms include rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating and extreme tiredness. Ethan is often breathless and he is unable to walk long distances.. Something that must be so incredibly tough to live with as a six year old. On the day of his wish, Ethan and his family traveled to Leeds and on the following morning were picked up in a Limo to take them to the West Yorkshire Police Training Facility at Carr Gate. The Limo was also in convoy with two American Police cars. How amazing is that?

Or five year-old Finn, who has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Finn is currently undergoing treatment and will continue treatment until 2019. His One True Wish was to go to Lapland, as both Finn and his brother Archie love all things Christmassy! Just look at his little face below….

childhood wishes

So with all of this in mind and in honour of the importance of childhood wishes and the hope and magic they can bring – I’ve called on fellow fab parenting bloggers to share their children’s childhood wishes here – it makes for a seriously feel good read so here we go:

To be a bit taller! – Real Mum Reviews 

To be a famous You Tuber – Soph Obsessed  

To be a doctor in space – Odd Socks and Lollipops 

To be a big brother! – My Boys Club 

To find treasure! – Yorkshire Wonders  

To have a pet unicorn – Five Little Doves  

To marry mummy – The Incidental Parent  

To go to Antartica –  Five Adventurers

To be an astronaut – Refined Prose 

To have their grandma back – Baby Budgeting

To live at  Disneyland with Mickey and Minnie! – Twinderelmo 

To never eat vegetables again – The Strawberry Fountain 

To never have to go to school – The Parent Game  and Pink Pear Bear 

To meet the Ninja turtles – Baby Holiday 

To be a goldfish! – Country Heart and Home 

30 + childhood wishes: The magic of a childhood wish

To be an adult and make the rules – The Hearty Life 

To be naughty every day – Sorry About The Mess 

To visit Grandad’s caravan – A Mum Reviews 

To have another baby sister – Everything Mummy 

To be a zookeeper – Red Rose Mummy 

To be an author (with a house full of animals!) – Starlight and Stories 

To be a ‘big girl’ – Tippy Tups 

For the dinosaurs to come back and be a paleontologist! – New Mum Online 

To have snow! – Mudpie Fridays 

To have a pony in the garden – Living With A Jude 

To eat cake for breakfast – Nomi Palony

To see the sugar plum fairy in the land of sweets! – Susan K Mann 

To have a kitten – Mum of Three World  

To be Daddy’s wife – Porridge and Parenting 

To be Christmas every week – Adventures of a Mum 

To “fit in” – Absolutely Prabulous 

To fly like a bird – Motherhood: The Real Deal 

Of course, not all dreams can be made to come true, but when it comes to Make-A-Wish, finding out and granting wishes is what it’s all about. When a child is fighting a life-threatening condition, their future is uncertain. Their whole family’s world is turned upside down. That’s why wishes are so important. Once their most cherished wish is granted, a child will see that anything is possible. It gives them and their family the emotional strength they desperately need to fight their condition and hope to face their future – whatever it might hold.

You can help sponsor a wish and make a seriously ill child’s dream come true from as little as a one off donation of £10 over on the Make-A-Wish website. There are so many wonderful children who are waiting to have their wishes come true – including Lexie who also has leukemia and a severe global development delay and has the simple wish of going on a family holiday. Let’s help bring the power of a wish to seriously ill children today.

childhood wishes

Will you help make a sick child’s wish come true?


Disclosure: I was paid absolutely nothing for this post and donated it in kind to support the amazing work Make-A-Wish do


  1. I loved reading the wishes of the little ones – “never to eat vegetables” made me smile 🙂 The Make a Wish charity is one close to my heart, a friends daughter has had a run of cancer and the Make a Wish charity made her dream of a trip to Disney come true when she was in the states receiving treatment. I hope everyone who reads this makes a donation to support it.

  2. What a wonderful charity. It is so saddening to read about children who have to live with such awful conditions and illnesses. I’m so pleased there is a charity that offers such wonderful experiences to children these children.

  3. Such a fabulous cause and thank you too for featuring us – he is now 13 and im sure would still love to be a goldfish given half the chance! lol

  4. This made me chuckle, will have to ask what my kids wishes would be. The Make-a-wish foundation is fantastic, they have helped a couple of friends of mine

  5. I loved reading some of these wishes too. I think Make A Wish is so incredible. It’s one of the foundations my family always supports. x

  6. My boy also has a Congenital Heart defect. Make a wish is a fabulous charity. I can’t describe how much it means to families to be able to make magical memories with their children when they go through so much. It’s priceless. Thank you for this post. #Coolmumclub

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