Has multitasking made a mummy martyr of you?


Us mums know all about multitasking. The school playground is always full of busy mums, impatiently waiting for their children so that they can get on with the next task on their lists. Whatever way you look at it, motherhood is a never-ending stream of things to do. And, that workload only increases if you have a traditional job to keep on top of, which is a reality more and more mums are now facing. Before you know it, you can’t remember what it feels like to sit down. And, boy, do you let your family know about it.

Not an evening goes by when you don’t lament some aspect of your routine. In many ways, you do this in the hope that someone else will volunteer to do the washing up. Of course, they never do, and mum’s left at the sink while everyone else watches the television.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s possible you’ve become a mummy martyr. And, in case you didn’t realise, that’s not a good thing. As well as making you miserable, this martyr determination can damage the family unit. In some cases, you may even make your kids feel like you don’t enjoy them. And, of course, that’s not the case. It’s just that you’re tired, right? We get it.

But, making snappy remarks to the rest of your family may not be the way to unload your burden. Instead, you should take proactive steps to ensure you’re a martyr no more. You might not notice it, but it’s likely you put yourself in this position, so only you can get yourself out of it. Here’s are some of the ways how.

Get organised

Often, there’s nothing more to managing a multitasking dilemma than to get organised. If you take tasks on with no idea of timing, you will feel as though the work is endless. And, that’s sure to damage your determination and wellbeing. To tackle the issue, get into the habit of making a to-do list for your family time. This can include any jobs that need doing, and should also include downtime. When you schedule time to sit down, you’re much more likely to get to it. What’s more, you can do so without guilt once you’ve ticked off the other items on your list. Suddenly, that never-ending stream of chores has an end, and it’s one you can reach.

To take organisation further, you could even start delegating tasks to other family members. Obviously, there are some things that no one else can do. But, simple chores like washing up and cleaning the bathroom should be easy enough for anyone to get down to. Develop a rota for such tasks, and then cross those jobs off your list. You may need to chase that rota for a few weeks, but the rest of the family will soon get into the routine. Then, you won’t need to make accusatory comments anymore, and everyone will be happier.

Make use of easy options

Sometimes, we become martyrs by making our lives harder than they need to be. What’s worse, we don’t always see it happening. In some cases, we continue our routines without realising there are easier alternatives. For instance, online shopping means you don’t have to take an hour or more out at the supermarket each week. You can order straight to your door and have the job done in ten minutes. This is nothing new, but many of us have never considered it. If you fall into that category, it’s past time you tried this out.

And, even newer developments stand to make our lives yet easier. Forget waiting at the pharmacy while they prepare your prescriptions, you can now order repeat NHS prescriptions online and, again, have them delivered to your door. Even something as simple as renewing library books can now be done online and save you long trips. So, make use of options like these. Find out where you stand to benefit, and save yourself doing this the martyr’s way.

Make more hours in the day

If you’re anything like most of us, you probably laughed out loud at this point. After all, aren’t the hours in the day the real problem? If it were possible to make more of them, do we not think you would have done so by now? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is entirely possible to make more hours if you’re willing to put the commitment in. Okay, making more hours is a little of an overstatement. But, something as simple as waking up an hour, or even half an hour early can make this work. This is especially the case if you wake up before everyone else. You’ll be in a position to work uninterrupted for that extra time. And, as it is extra time, you don’t have to get straight down to tasks here. You could use this hour as a time for you.

Why not start a meditation habit, or use this to finally do some reading? You’re sure to appreciate the extra hour much more if you use it to do something you never get around to otherwise. This will also help to inspire you awake. If all you face are extra chores, there’s hardly any reason to wake up early at all. But, if you know you can use this as free-time, you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to your alarm call.


No matter how you look at it, being a mum isn’t easy. But, slipping into martyrdom here isn’t going to help your cause. Instead, approach the issue with a can-do attitude, and take logical steps to get on top of your tasks. In no time, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. If you manage to tackle all three of the above pointers, multitasking could become a thing of your past. You could soon have so much time on your hands that you won’t know what to do with it!

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