4 creative storage ideas for your home and interiors

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Want to enjoy a clutter-free room but working with an unusual spec or around original features? Whether are looking to maximise the space around an attractive alcove or chimney breast or trying to maximise storage in a limited space, here we share four creative storage ideas for your home which can provide you with savvy workarounds for your interiors.

If you are working with a chimney breast – which are a prevalent feature in the bedrooms of old properties – this can be easily incorporated within your storage believe it or not and there are some great creative storage ideas you can take inspiration from in this situation. If your chimney breast is deep, you can easily include some shelves and drawers to organize your storage or use to decorate your home.

If you are looking for creative storage ideas for your home such as chimney breast fitted wardrobes ideas, here are some storage ideas for creating space with a hands-on yet sophisticated solution that can help you maximize your storage space within the chimney breast.

4 creative storage ideas for your home

Flank the Fireplace

Customized shaker-style cupboards, designed on every side of the fireplace, appear like bookends to draw attention to the mantel and fireplace. Also, they offer great storage, which you can use to keep your cutlery or home décor. These spaces without doors can be an ideal bookshelf or showcase.

The Space Behind the Door

A small corner of the unused space can be designed into a narrow and trivial chimney breakfront that fixes behind the front door while it is open. You can use it for home décor, decorate it with unique art, or keep it plain. It can be an ideal space for housing umbrellas, winter hats, scarves, and gloves. This breakfront with a single door and no shelves has pegs to hang clothes, jackets, handbags, and shopping bags which is a perfect way of keeping things nice and organised. You can use this bonus coverage for varied purposes.

Frayed Elegant Passage

You can create a frayed, jazzy, and elegant chimney using scrap timber and recoup pieces to store towels or bedsheets at the edge of the upstairs hall. Paint with chalk paint and distress to your liking or build an elevated top door and tinier bottom door from lopsided boards coated in whitewash or single-colour paint. You could even use a brand new lumbar, include a dual crown shaping at the top and a single embellished shaping trim at the bottom.

Chimney Dresser Close to the Fireplace

If your house has a rustic kitchen (with an old-style stove) instead of a fireplace, you should opt for a shabby-chic but functional chimney closet. It can be built right next to the stove top and bread oven. You can use it to keep kitchen items such as bowls, pans, stockpots, spices, baskets, toaster, electric oven, and kitchen appliances.

We hope you found te above storage ideas useful. Remember, an old chimney breast doesn’t mean the space is redundant – more it presents an opportunity to be creative in your storage space ideas and design!

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