4 reasons why your HVAC unit isn’t working right

HVAC unit isn't working

It’s nice walking into a cool house during the summer and a warm and cozy home during the cooler months. To keep your HVAC unit isn’t working as it should be, it’s important to have it serviced regularly. Even a small issue can turn into a costly repair if it’s not addressed quickly. Dirty and dusty vents, dead thermostat batteries, or a faulty pilot light could be the culprit of an HVAC unit that isn’t working right. Keep reading to learn about the many reasons an HVAC unit may fail to work as it should and how to address the problem.

Gas Leak

If you ever smell gas in your home or even outside the house, it’s important to exit the home and call an HVAC specialist immediately. Most importantly, don’t light any matches or turn on any lights. A single spark could cause an explosion. If there’s a gas leak, there’s a good chance the HVAC unit isn’t running as it should be; this is assuming your heating system runs on gas. A professional HVAC contractor can assess the problem and make appropriate repairs. If needed, the HVAC specialist will contact your gas utility company.

Faulty Pilot Light

Your furnace isn’t going to work right if the pilot light won’t stay lit. The source of the problem could be a loose thermocouple, or it’s possible the pilot orifice is clogged. The problem could also be that the pilot light is turned too low. Cleaning a clogged orifice will require running a thin piece of wire through it. The gas needs to be shut off before making any adjustments to the furnace, especially when cleaning it. Ideally, you’ll have a professional HVAC contractor to assess why it isn’t working right and make appropriate repairs.

Dead Thermostat Batteries

Dead thermostat batteries will impact both the air conditioner’s and furnace’s ability to heat and cool the home. If the thermostat can’t read the temperature, it can’t communicate with the HVAC system to let it know to turn on or off. This can result in costly heating and cooling expenses and it adds unnecessary wear and tear to the HVAC system. The unit will either stay running at all times or it will cycle on and off much more than it should.

Vents Are Full of Dust

When the air vents are full of dust, the amount of air the HVAC system is able to distribute throughout the home is limited. Not only does it impact indoor comfort levels in a negative manner, but it increases energy expenses, as well. Much the same as dead thermostat batteries, dirty vents can also cause unnecessary wear and tear to the system because the air conditioner or furnace will have to work harder to keep the home at your desired temperature. This is another reason why your HVAC unit isn’t working right.

Contact a professional HVAC specialist any time you think your HVAC unit isn’t working right. Much of the time, simple fixes can mitigate costly repairs and extend the life of the HVAC unit.

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