Top tips for keeping your house cool in a heatwave

keeping your house cool in a heatwave

It’s been hot, hot, hot in Blighty! And if you haven’t already melted in this heatwave we’ve been having – and you’re still trying to figure out how to keep cool – then today I’m going to share with you my top tips for keeping your house cool in a heatwave! Having lived in Singapore previously for four years where it got VERY hot every day, we became pretty good at keeping our house cool when the heat was unrelenting. So without further ado here are our tips and tricks we use for keeping your house cool in a heatwave.

Invest in some blackout blinds from Direct Blinds 

When the weather is hot, blackout blinds and curtains really are your best friend. The trick here is to keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day. I know this might sound like you’re going to be living in the dark all day, but to help prevent feeling like a mole, you should keep your blinds and curtains closed on the side the sun is shining in through. Once the sun has moved around, you can then switch things up. If you’re going to be out all day then obviously…keep them all closed all day so you don’t come back to a sweltering house!

keeping your house cool in a heatwave

Stock up on portable tower fans

Fans really are a total heaven-send! We have a couple of these in our house which we move around with us depending on what room we are in. We also use them to cool down our rooms before we go to sleep in them which really helps to move all the hot air out of them an helps IMMENSELY especially with little ones trying to get to sleep. For really small rooms, you might want to consider putting a bowl of ice on a table in front of your fan which is basically like DIY air con and is AMAZING!

Don’t use the oven unless you absolutely have to

Cooking with the summer is basically like putting on the heating in your kitchen when it is already hot! Unless you have absolutely no other way of cooking DO NOT COOK WITH THE OVEN unless you want to end up sweltering in the heat it causes combined with the heat from the outside. Opt for quick hob cooking instead.

keeping your house cool in a heatwave

Hang up a wet sheet!

Yup, crazy but true….but it’s not too dissimilar in principal to the ice trick mentioned above. Hang a wet sheet over a window – it really helps to bring down the temperature of the air coming in. If you feel like you are about to spontaneously combust in the heat you can also use the wet sheet trick on yourself too!

Chill on the electronics

Electronics radiate and add to the heat mix. Don’t leave anything turned on or plugged in that doesn’t need to be. This could be a good time for a digital detox!

 keeping your house cool in a heatwave

Create a cross breeze

If your rooms have windows either side, make sure you open both of them to create a cross breeze. If you have fans add them into the mix to help promote that cross breeze by putting them at either side of the room for an even better cross breeze!

So there you go, my top tips for keeping your house cool in a heatwave.  Do you have any additional ideas to add to this the above of things you’ve discovered which help in keeping your house cool in a heatwave? Do leave a comment below. And if you found this post useful why not check out this one on water conservation in your home.

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