7 reasons personalised photo gifts make great presents for loved ones

personalised photo gifts

It’s that time of year when we all start frantically scratching our heads and wondering what we can get for those family members who seemingly have everything and want nothing. Let’s face it, Christmas gift shopping can be a total nightmare when you don’t know what you’re looking for, or even if the person who you’re looking for would want it in the first place. Thank goodness then for the existence of personalised photo gifts, which to my mind, pretty much remove all of the above. Today I’ve teamed up with Snapbook – the leading photo printing app – to explain why personalised photo gifts make great presents.

They are truly thoughtful

The joy of personalised photo gifts is that they are in their very nature thoughtful. There’s no just picking an item off a shelf or a quick click on a generic Christmas range. There’s the time and thought you’ve put in to select that special photo memory which you know will make the recipient all warm and fuzzy inside. Then there’s the thought put into what type of format they would best enjoy it in.

They can be treasured forever

If there’s one thing you can be certain won’t be headed to the charity shop after Christmas, it’s the personalised photo gift that you gifted. Personalised photo gifts are the best keepsakes and are usually treasured for a very long time – if not forever.

They express your love

What I truly love about photo gifts is that they are a way of saying I love you without even having to say it. Personalising a gift with a special photo of theirs instantly shows how special they are to you.

personalised photo gifts

There’s something for everyone

Personalised photo gifts have to be the most inclusive kind of gift there is. There is something for everyone regardless of age, gender or any other kind of preference. I challenge you to find someone who you wouldn’t be able to find an appropriate photo gift for…unless they are Scrooge himself.

They are 100% unique

And the real trump card here? It’s that photo gifts are entirely unique. When you personalise a gift with photo, you can be supremely confident that a) they won’t already have one or b) their friends won’t have one either.

They are so easy to create

Yes, you could fight your way through hundreds of grumpy Christmas shoppers to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Or, you could download the Snapbook app and create lots of lovely personalised photo gifts from the comfort of your sofa. Sounds like a no brainer to me!

Bonus point: you can use this discount code!

And to show you just how easy it is to create personalised photo gifts from the comfort of your home is, the lovely people at Snapbook are offering my readers a 20% discount to create your own personalised photo gifts with. Use the code Motherhoodreal20 to redeem your discount at check out.

Download the app and start creating your personalised photo gifts here

Happy gift shopping everyone! And if you’re looking for more Christmas gift inspiration you can also check out this Christmas gift guide for him and Christmas gift ideas for mums that need sleep.


*I was sent the above items free of charge and compensated for my time writing this post


  1. I love making photobooks, but I just never get round to doing it. At least not in the past because our internet was too slow. But now it’s faster I should give it a go again.

  2. Giving photo related gifts is one of my most favourite things to do. We had a photoshoot last year with my Fiance’s family and made up a huge frame with all the pictures for his parent’s anniversary. They absolutely loved it as they had no idea that we’d even had the photoshoot.

    So personal and a memento for ever x x

  3. There is an element of gratitude /surprise, etc at receiving a personalised gift. Meanwhile gifts which includes loved ones:- Such as family, friends, etc can be delightful, nostalgic, humorous, etc. So worthwhile considering what would appear/ be relevant/ be loved or appreciated by the recipient.

    Some older relatives may really enjoy a photobook :- Containg various events, many generations, new additions, babies, holidays. Could be a mixture of photos including the individual, photos of friends and family now living abroad. Would need to consider carefully what to include. Consider hobbies the person enjoyed. Could choose to have a theme. But something the person would cherish and share viewing with visitors, etc.

    Some personalised items for baby or child can be treasured for years :- Shown to future generation, etc. Just as Christening gifts, etc can be on occasions.

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