7 reasons why the terrible 2s really aren’t so terrible

Happy toddler

Yes I know, the subject title might shock you given the content of my blog but just hear me out…

The word “terrible” is relative, and having had an extremely bumpy ride up to the grand old age of 2 with my little one, I was bracing myself for total toddler apocalypse. Amazingly…it did not come, well not enough for it to make any significant contribution to the usual toddler chaos.

If it really is so true that the terrible twos peak at 2, then in our case, they must have shrunk into themselves very quickly, or peaked way ahead of time, because amazingly, two is in fact my favourite age so far. The age that I feel like we have finally got into our stride, that we have come into our own, that we have finally and truly found ourselves, and clicked. Could it finally be that I am actually enjoying this motherhood gig?

In fact, I want to be so bold as to say, that the 2s are really quite awesome in comparison to all that absolute baby and boddler carnage that went before. And here are 7 reasons why:

1. The language comes! Seriously, being able to talk, listen, understand and COMMUNICATE is just utterly underrated. It is not only hugely practical and helpful, but it is amazingly entertaining and magical.

2. And as a result you can negotiate….and reason! Imagine the joy. You can finally and miraculously speak the same language during hostage negotiations rather than acting like an Arab trying to talk to a Chinese man. The result: you are able to fend off World War 3 several times a day, every day of the week (well, er, mostly)!

3. Food glorious food. Probably as a result of them having a better handle on their world, at least in our case, food is no longer an anxiety inducing protest weapon to run and flee from but now a rather glorious foodie joy! Oh thank you…for we have finally graduated from the picky eaters club (more on that here)!

4. You actually love each other…like, really love each other. For once, I am not fearing my toddler’s company, but actually looking forward to it. We are partners in crime. An unstoppable duo. A me and a mini-me. Could I be dreaming? No. I am definitely still awake.

5. You are a rock star. You are funny, witty, amusing, you are the coolest thing out in the eyes of your two year old. They adore and worship at the alter that is mamma…and give your previously battered confidence a major boost.

6. Life is one big fun-house bonanza. The day hops from the sublime to the ridiculous as you are whizzed through a two year old’s world of discovery, fun and general craziness. OK so there might be the occasional (again, think relative) meltdown to negotiate along the way, but that’s worth it for the pay off. Finally when someone says to me – oh it’s a lovely age, I can actually, for once in my motherhood life…agree!!!

7. You can get them potty trained. OK so initially this is a bit of a nightmare (see more on that here), but then ..No wiping poo off a bum! Just imagine! Then moving them from the potty to the toilet and hearing that poo plop into the toilet where you don’t need to go anywhere near it and just simply flush it….bliss!

I don’t know whether I will be eating my words tomorrow, but apart from the obvious blips that usually pepper our days, I FINALLY feel like all the hard work has been worth it. I finally now get what this parenting thing is all about, why we put up with all the crap, to get to this. Just this. I don’t miss the baby days. I want these days to go on forever. Because the twos really aren’t so terrible after all. And I have finally found the bit of motherhood I was always searching for…

N.B. Don’t worry, I’m not getting all smug in your face, just enjoying the moment until the next shit storm hits…

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  1. You have just given me hope that the long lasting storm we are currently in has calm seas and sunshine ahead of it. I’ll be honest my patience is wearing thin with the fussy, cranky, clinging toddler I have who is having biting and hitting incidents in nursery. I pray that this is the so-called terrible twos and that, like you, two becomes a welcomed aged with my son!

  2. Oh being able to communicate with my 2 year old is awesome fun and makes life SO much easier 🙂 the 2s aren’t terrible for us yet either…but they do have their moments! Fab post lady x

  3. Amazing… Sprog turns 2 next week and he is generally a very calm and lovely boy… I was worrying about whether he’s going to morph into a monster overnight but you give me hope that I might be safe! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. We totally agree! Being a toddler is easy compared with a newborn. I can now communicate with my folks and tell them what I want and need…however it maybe not what they want to hear!!! LOL 😉 #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Aw. I kind of miss the twos now you put it like that 🙂 I guess each age has it’s challenges and its good bits and we might as well focus on the positive, eh? Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Talya X

  6. Loved this, I think you totally nailed the best bits of “the terrible twos” the communication one is amazingly life changing and you’re right they think we are amazing and love us so much at this time…..that will change soon I’m sure!!!

    • Oh yes, so I understand it we only have a year before total armageddon at the grand old age of 3 – gah! Or hopefully I will also be writing a post on how that really isn’t that bad but have a feeling my luck may have run out by then haha x

  7. Amazing post and so reassuring to read a positive post about having a 2 year old. I have been dealing with tantrums and a fussy eater since my boy was 1. He is 2 in a couple weeks and I just keep thinking it’s only going to get worse, you have given me hope that it’s actually going to get better!xx #TwinklyTuesday

    • Well we had a shocker since my little one was one and so I really hope that things are going to brighten for you a little now…keeping everything crossed for you that all it was, was the terrible twos but just a year early! x

  8. I love this post! Completely agree with the language thing in particular….sometimes the negotiations are complex but at least we have negotiations! Terrible moments but not terrible twos…well not yet anyway. I’m not actually sure I should be commenting with such authoritative agreement when my boy is only just on two! #wineandboobs

    • I think that’s it exactly – terrible moments but not one ongoing terrible phase which I felt like we had from 1 – 2yrs, though having said that we had a very big terrible moment today! But at least my little one was able to show empathy at how much she pushed my buttons afterwards which made me feel a whole lot better rather than feeling the need to stick my head in the toilet.

  9. Totally agree with this. My son is edging up towards two (well,16 months) and it’s so fun now that he can actually run around in the playground now and climb on things. He can get much more involved and I’m so looking forward to when he starts talking. #wineandboobs

  10. I so agree Talya. the twos are only terrible if you have had an easy baby (which some do) in which case it is a shock. But for many of us it is no different to having a very opinionated baby but as you say they can communicate and we can have more fun with them, Although I do feel sad sometimes at how quick it is passing, I have loved my boys growing up and the different ways that I can connect with them at different ages. Great post as always.

    • Kristen you are so right! I actually feel thankful for having been driven to the brink and back for the first 2 years as it really makes the 2s seem like nothing compared to the hell I was trapped in before!

    • I think I am just so grateful to not having crap flung in my face every single second of the day, but perhaps say, 20 times a day? – don’t get me wrong we just had a very dark hour over lunchtime today but I just feel in comparison to what went before I want to hide myself in a cupboard and scream a lot loss….although I was screaming a lot today which was probably my penance for writing this lol!

  11. Awe! I can relate to many of these as I have a two year old too. They are amazing little Godzillas of destruction and love. I’m so glad you found your groove together. 🙂

  12. My little guy turned 2 today, so I am so excited to read this!!! I’m already coping with a Threenager, throwing a terrible 2 into the mix might’ve thrown me over the edge 😉

    • I think that’s it – you are taught to fear them and it’s true that at times it is HELL but hey, that’s kids. Nobody talks about the good stuff when it comes to the 2s so I thought I’d break rank and share the less talked about…as usual!

  13. I’m sold! Can’t wait until bribery is possible. I do think thins kind of post would be best written on the eve of her third birthday though 🙂


  14. Oh I definitely agree with you! Whilst we have had our moments in the terrible two’s they have been nowhere near as bad as expected and we are almost out of them! Bring on the threes…I’ve heard they are pretty trialling too! I do love the language explosion…Zach talks like a sodding adult!! I definitely have the chance of being the high achieving one! I mean, I work full time and juggle a toddler! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • Oh yes, the 3s..I hear so many good things about those…NOT! I hope I will be writing a similar blog about that when the time comes but not feeling hopeful haha. Gotta love their wise owl adult chat haha! Thanks as always for hosting love x

  15. Thank you, this gives me hope! My little boy is just coming up to 16 months and I’m finding things a bit challenging at the moment. I imagined that things were only going to get worse over the next year or so, but maybe we’re already at the worst bit?!

    • I think at 16 months we were in some of our hardest times…because of the frustration of our little one not being able to communicate. I found that when the language really came on in leaps and bounds at 2 things got a lot better so there is hope yet do not despair!

  16. Oh yey!! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying this age, as much as I didn’t massively enjoy that age with my lad I totally agree about the communication and speech 🙂 Just wait for the threenager to appear……….. hahaaaaa! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst 🙂

    • Well, we do have a lot of bad moments but on balance, a lot more better moments to counteract those and the 7 points really do make up for all the badness haha! Bring on the threenager…NOT! Thanks as always for hosting x

  17. I’ve always loved the stage from about 18 months to 3 years – everything the say and do is so cute, and they really just want to help you do anything and everything. Two years old is the “little buddy” stage where they’re just your little sidekick following you around trying to help.

  18. […] favourite was Motherhood Real Deal (one of my faves as she writes just how it is!). This one was about why the terrible twos […]

  19. I love this post Talya! You are so correct… it is a challenging age no doubt, what with their likes, dislikes, opinions and tantrums but yes, things are much easier too. And waaay more fun. Agree 100 per cent on the communication point – it is underrated and so so important. It’s what makes it all that much easier. And that much more fun!

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