A mother’s love & bond

A silhouette of a happy young mother, laughing as she plays with her toddler child and lifts him over her head outside, isolated against the sunset.Despite all the knocks that motherhood might deal us a long the way, one thing that is pretty much unanimous is that despite everything, a mother’s love and bond to her children is like no other. I have been meaning to write this, to find the words to try and capture this amazing emotion, this amazing state of being that drives us mothers through all the crap of motherhood to want to do it again, and again, and again…and now finally, they have come to me…and so here they are:

A mother’s love is like no other

From within me one day you came

My heart walks around on the outside now

My love now flowing through your veins

We have the deepest connection

Nothing else would ever come near

And despite sometimes desperately needing me time

I ache when you’re not here

It feels as if sometimes you could just crawl back

Into my tummy from where you came

And there I’d keep you safe from harm

Warm and cherished within my frame

I already feel emotional

About the day you’ll go to school

And as for going away to uni, or getting married

It’s a thought that’s just too cruel

And so it’s with this poem

That I try to express to you

How deep and everlasting my love and bond is

My love for and bond with you

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  1. Beautiful and very true. My son is currently having a full on tantrum in the kitchen and driving me insane, but if money and space were no object, I’d definately do it all again. A mothers love and bond? Or are we just crazy? 😉

  2. This is very nice! It’s hard to express that emotion–you’re right! You did a great job of it. I love that you wrote it in poem form–because it really is quite poetic!

  3. Awesome post! You captured how we really feel about our kids. A mother’s love and bond never ends. Thank you for linking up with #Alittlebitofeverything! Have a great day!

  4. This is so true. It is hard to see them grow up and be more and more autonomous because we want to protect them from everything. It is strange though because I thought many things would be harder than they were. Maybe it is because we cant really perceive the pleasure in those moments too. Like starting school, it is tough but it is also amazing to see them heading off and becoming a more capable little person. Great post Talya.

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