Baby’s first year in numbers

Baby's first year in numbers

That first year of babyhood is a magical, fretful, wonderful, relentless often hot mess of an all consuming adventure. But amid the brain-befuddlment of broken sleep and seemingly endless feeds and nappy changes, have you ever stopped to think about just how many nappies, feeds, items of clothing and hours of sleep (hopefully!) your baby will have clocked up? Probably not, because the truth is you were probably more focused on surviving and sometimes savouring new motherhood. So here is an interesting mind boggling infographic of baby’s first year in numbers from Busy Bees which breaks those numbers down for you (and the cost of it all – gulp!)- the perfect thing to blow your mind during those seemingly endless hours of night feeds…..

Baby's first year in numbers

Phew I don’t know about you but I’m feeling overwhelmed just taking all that in. It’s a busy life being a baby, and an even busier life being a parent that’s for sure! For more information on the costs of a baby see this baby cost calculator here. And if you’re thinking about some childcare for your baby click here for your Leeds children’s nursery.


What did you think about the above facts and figures? What surprised you the most? Do share in a comment below.

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