A bun in the oven: Unique ways to announce your pregnancy

ways to announce your pregnancy

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People have babies every day. To some, making an announcement is not a big deal. If it’s you that’s expecting, however, you may wish to make the happy announcement in a way that people remember. Phone calls to friends may convey the news, but you can say the same thing in a much more innovative and exciting manner. In the interest of glad tidings and cherub-cheeked babies on the way, we are pleased to present several savvy tips about ways to herald an upcoming birth.

Announce the news to your guests and visitors

Make a realistic movie poster announcing the upcoming debut of your newest family co-star, have it framed in lightweight lucite, and hang the poster prominently on your front door. Invite friends to come to a potluck party dressed as their favorite movie characters. Cute as well as creative, your Hollywood style movie poster can feature the baby’s due date and list the parents as producers. If there are older siblings in the family, remember to include them as important co-stars in the movie credits. Invite them to the party, too. If older siblings can handle the assignment and want to participate, allow them to hang coats and serve snacks to guests. You can find all sorts of movie posters to inspire your own creation at Internet Movie Database.

Siblings show their excitement about becoming a big sister or big brother

Let older brothers and sisters make the proud announcement about their soon-to-arrive sibling, suggests Life as Mama magazine. Personalized tee-shirts are a delightful, wearable way to ensure that young family members feel included and important even while the grownups are busy and excited about the coming baby. The more big brothers and sisters are included in the baby announcement, the happier the whole family will be.

Shop a sweet selection of baby announcement tops that feature kids favourite animals, characters, and activities. Big brother shirts with colorful pirates are a fun way for a kid to announce the impending arrival of his new matey. Big sister shirts come with fanciful birds, flowers, and other cool stuff to show off their proud position as ‘elder sister’ in the family. Go ahead and have sparkling glitter added to shirts when you order. It will boost the wow appeal of big brother and big sister shirts and make them even more fun to wear.

Have a good laugh with friends and save the moment

Don’t be afraid to get a bit silly when you’re making the big announcement to your spouse, neighbors, friends, coworkers, or family members. Place a sesame burger bun or a giant hot cross bun on a plate in a cold oven, and invite your closest friends to join you for dinner. Have plenty of delicious take-out food delivered, so you don’t have to actually spend a minute cooking in the kitchen. When guests have all arrived, make a pleasant request that someone check on something in the oven.

If you get the joke, your friends probably will, too, chuckle editors at Parenting magazine. Be sure to have a camera charged and ready to preserve the hilarious moment on social media or in your scrapbook. This way, your at-home announcement can be repurposed to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your personal website.

When you think about it, announcing a pregnancy is not a far stretch from inviting all your friends to throw a baby shower. Be sure to put some effort into your initial announcement. If you’re not artistically inclined, look around online to find templates and how-to guides for making and printing baby announcements.

Making the announcement to your partner

Before you go all out making the big announcement to your social circles and the whole world, you may wish to privately share the news with your partner. Order custom-made fortune cookies that announce your coming newborn, and sneak them onto your sweetheart’s dessert plate at an Asian restaurant. If you’re handy with tweezers and typing paper, modify your own fortune cookie at home and leave one on your co-parent’s pillow.

Do you have baking skills? Go ahead and spend an evening baking and decorating cookies. Invite your besties over for afternoon tea, and set a spread that features delicate tea cookies iced with your happy due date. These sorts of ladies-only get-togethers are wonderful events where new moms receive advice and blessings from moms, aunts, and female friends who have kids of their own.

Unique ways to announce your pregnancy

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