Travelling with kids: 7 fun ways to inspire your kids’ love of travel

travelling with kids

If you’ve always loved to travel and would like to inspire the same wanderlust in your children, there are several fun ways you can do this to pave the way for travelling with kids. Whether you’re planning a staycation, holiday abroad, or a day trip this summer, it’s always nice to see the kids really get something out of it. With a bit of organisation you can have fun exploring new places together and give them a healthy dose of culture. Travelling can teach children many useful skills for the future and they’ll make wonderful memories along the way. Here are seven fun ways to inspire your kids’ love of travel to get your foundations in place for travelling with kids.

Get them involved in planning

Bear your kids’ interests and needs in mind when deciding on an itinerary. You could even involve your kids in planning your trip. When travelling with kids, give them a list of activities to choose from. You could also get them excited about the destination by watching a fun video about it beforehand to learn about the local culture and famous sights. If they’re old enough, let them pack their own bag as well. The more enthusiastic you can get them about the holiday before you go, the better.

Give them a taste of the local culture

Wherever you decide to visit, plan experiences that are more off the beaten track and give your children a taste of the local culture. This could include eating in traditional restaurants, watching performances, or going to local festivals. This will teach your children important values. They’ll learn to respect other cultures and develop resilience to being taken out of their comfort zone. Travel can help to boost social skills and confidence and they’ll adopt your love for exploring.

Include plenty of activities on your itinerary

Plan plenty of fun activities and make time to embrace the outdoors. You could look into watersports, hiking, treasure hunting, and more. Kids will get tired walking around sightseeing all day, so it’s important to keep them entertained. There are also many wellbeing benefits of spending time outdoors for both kids and adults alike. It’s a great way to get physical exercise and destress. Getting in touch with nature is especially beneficial. It has a calming effect, will engage your kids’ curiosity, and they’ll gain a new perspective.

Look for interactive and educational things to do

If you want to give your kids a healthy dose of culture look for interactive and educational things to do. Many museums and other places of interest will have fun activities that are specifically designed for children. It’s a good idea to add these to your itinerary. Try to find something that aligns with your children’s interests and hobbies to make travelling with kids a success right from the get go.

Take the opportunity to teach them about international travel

If your kids are a little older they may be interested in travelling with friends or even studying abroad in the future. Take the opportunity to teach them about international travel and how this works. This could include explaining the essentials they might need such as visas. If they’re interested in travelling to the US, you could explain about ESTA application status, for example. Brushing up on these facts may be particularly useful if you’d like to explore more as a family together as well.

Keep them comfortable along the way

To keep your holiday as stress-free as possible, it’s important to keep your kids comfortable along the way. When travelling with kids, plan your itinerary well, and include plenty of breaks to rest. If you’re going on a long journey, both kids and adults alike can get tired and irritable, so ensure you have everything you need to make the trip go smoothly. You might want to consider packing pillows, blankets, and plenty of distractions especially on a long haul flight or a road trip. Choose accommodation with amenities suitable for their age group as well. Here are a few more tips for travelling with kids.

Encourage them to make memories

There are plenty of fun ways kids can make memories on holiday. Always stop to take photos and encourage them to do so as well. Let them have a couple of souvenirs or even put together a travel journal or scrapbook. If your kids enjoy writing postcards, this is also an easy way to keep them quiet if you want a quick nap by the pool or on the beach. Give them their own backpack to carry so they can collect a few precious memories. This will help to engage their interest in travel and you can enjoy exploring as a family.

We hope you found our tips on travelling with kids and inspiring their love of travel useful. Happy travels everybody!

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