Coronavirus lockdown week 6: Here’s how parents have been staying sane

I can barely believe it but yup, we are in Coronavirus lockdown week 6! Crazy times indeed. And how is it feeling for you? Are used to it all now and just going through the motions, or are you going stir crazy being stuck inside? As we enter Coronavirus lockdown week 6, I asked parenting bloggers across the country to share how they have been staying sane. Here’s what they said!

Scheduling in me-time

We’ve been making sure we all get a bit of me-time even if we are on top of each other. Never done so much colouring with the kids as we are now. And they are teens – so it’s actually quite a nice way to get them away from screens and just being together. – Kiddy Charts

Going on a making mission

We have done a lot of making things!! Kids love getting messy and then they have the end product to eat or play with! – The Mum Diaries

Getting enough exercise

We make sure we get regular exercise. I’ve started running again which is my ‘me time’ since I’m constantly interrupted when I’m supposed to be working! – Less Refined Mind

Keeping to a routine

We’ve found having a bit of a routine helps for us; activity in the morning, quiet time before lunch, and a walk in the afternoon. It’s just enough to help us structure the day without being too overwhelming! – Devon Mama

Lots of gardening

We are lucky to have a garden and have been growing lots of seedlings to plant out later in the year. We are growing cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and chillies. The kids have helped prepare the garden (well, they have played in the vicinity while I did!) but we have all enjoyed being in the garden with a purpose. We are getting a kick out of the seedlings growing too. – Best Things To Do In York

Tossing out the timetable

We started off with a timetable (that my son actually wrote out himself) but if he’s just not feeling it we don’t push it, even if that means nothing educational in a day. We’d rather they were happy with what they’re doing than feeling like they ‘have to’ do lessons. Equally, if they want to do maths on a Saturday that’s fine too! – Mummy’s Waisted

Staying positive!

I have a house full of positive affirmations and quotes! I have got the kids involved too with positive affirmation based crafts to stick up around the house. I have been struggling mentally and being on my own with no childcare so I have had to get the kids involved as a “team” using group language so they know we all need to muck in at the moment. They have been complaining about me working too much so I am looking at getting them to do some of my work tasks with me and doing unorthodox education i.e. not maths per se but more creative tasks to help with the business. – /

Doing nothing

Don’t feel like you HAVE to do anything. Mental health is so important and sometimes just making it through the day is what you need to do. Have a week or more where you just do nothing, the kids will thrive and then one day *click* you’ll have the get-up and go you were looking for. Being locked down is an emotional rollercoaster, so take each day as it comes. – Mummies Waiting

Being bookish

Audiobooks have been a godsend for us! We downloaded BorrowBox which is free and links to your existing library card and the kids can take ebooks out on loan. It gives them some occupied downtime without screens which we’ve really needed. I’ve also tried to put in some weekly ‘treats’ to give some structure to the week. I bought them a stack of books each and they get a new one on Friday. – Pink Pear Bear

Being prepared for tough times

Always keep wine and chocolate in the house for tough days as there are many! A glass of wine or two at the end of the day helps and a piece of chocolate here and there does too! – A Mum Reviews

Incentivising aka bribing

Have a couple of things each day that you want to achieve. A manageable list is important. Everyone in the house contributes and ticks them off. I am bribing members of my house with points towards a reward. It feels good to achieve no matter how small and the competitive element means we get on with the jobs and all help out. – Unicorn Puffs and Rainbows  

Basing out in the garden

We make sure we spend as much time as possible outside in our garden. It doesn’t matter how big your outside space is, there are lots of things you can do and everyone benefits from time outdoors in nature. We’ve been growing seeds, making rain gauges to monitor the weather, making mud pies, water play, painting pictures, playing with play dough, picnics, making a den and pretending to camp. They have lots of free play too. – The Lady Birds Adventures

Being realistic

Don’t tell yourself it will only be two or three weeks because you’ll be frustrated and disappointed!! There’s a long road ahead and we should be prepared for that. – Adventures of a Mum 

What have you been doing to stay sane during Coronavirus lockdown in the last week? Do share your tips for keeping relatively sane during Coronavirus lockdown in a comment below. To see how we have been staying sane pop over to our Instagram here.


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