Positive affirmations for children

Positive affirmations for children

In this crazy world we live in, it is essential children gain a positive attitude to life so they can develop healthy doses of self-esteem early on. Positive affirmations for children can be powerful tools to help them increase their confidence.

They can also be used to improve children’s wellbeing and encourage their creative thinking. Positive affirmations are excellent tools for stressful new situations, like going to a new school, or in everyday scenarios.

The more children affirm positive thoughts, the more they can learn to believe in themselves and work towards their potentials. Spend time with your children to discuss what each of the following positive affirmations for children means and how they can help your kids in their life situations.

“I am grateful for everything I have in my life.”

This affirmation allows children to focus on all the good things they have in their lives. When discussing this affirmation with your child, ask them to list things they are grateful for and suggest other things they may not have considered. Kids could be thankful for loving parents, daily food and water, having a roof over their heads and having a school to attend. You can help to teach your kids that not all children are as lucky.

Many children in developing countries do not have access to food, water and education. This is something I remind our daughter of frequently! By acknowledging the good things in their lives, children can appreciate those things more and also become compassionate and empathic towards children in the world who do not have as much.

“I can be peaceful even when things are hard.”

If you know a child who is feeling daunted about a situation, the child can use the above affirmation to become more peaceful. Situations like going to a new school, moving house or going away on an educational trip can all be challenging situations for kids. By using the above affirmation, they can sit in stillness for a moment and remember that peace comes from within. By feeling peaceful, hard scenarios will seem a lot less challenging than they first did.

“Be strong and courageous.”

Children are continually facing new and challenging situations and experiences. They could have hardships with friendships or have stress about school exams. By saying “Be strong and courageous” to themselves, kids will remember that strength comes from within. Any scenario can be handled better if they feel courageous.

You could take the opportunity to read a story that contains this message with your child, to help them understand how being strong within provides confidence to take on challenges.

“I learn from my mistakes.”

This positive affirmation for children allows them to understand that making mistakes is part and parcel of life. Everyone makes errors. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes, so they are not repeated. By enabling children to know other people make mistakes all the time, they will not feel alone and so self-absorbed in their errors. They will also learn how to overcome their mistakes.

Talk with your child about the mistakes he or she has made. You can then help your kid to identify why they made that mistake and how to resolve it in the future. For example, your child may have said a hurtful thing to a friend without realising it was harmful. You can help your child to understand why their comment was hurtful and ask your kid to put himself or herself in the friend’s shoes. That will allow your child to learn empathy skills as well as enabling him or her to learn from mistakes made.

Have you ever tried introducing positive affirmations for children in your family? Do leave a comment and share.


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  1. Great post! I have found that telling my children when I’m scared and showing them that I do it anyway helps too.

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