Stop doing laundry all the time with these laundry hacks

laundry hacks

Do you feel like you are forever doing laundry? Sometimes in this mum life you feel like your life is playing out to the constant background noise of a washing machine. Round and round it goes, whether we’ll ever get to the bottom of the wash basket, nobody knows! Over the last few months I have been on a personal mission to stop doing laundry all the time. With that said today I’ve teamed up with Laundryheap – the leading on-demand service in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry which collects and delivers customer orders for free, within 24 hours to their homes, offices or hotels – to share my laundry hacks to help you lighten your laundry load.

Spot clean wherever possible

You know the drill – children are champions at getting toothbrush/food stains over their fresh school uniform. Although it can be tempting to dump the whole lot in the wash basket at the end of the day, instead spot clean any mark. Remember – school uniforms don’t have to look perfect each day. They are going to get mucky anyway!

Ignore paint and pen stains

Paint and pen stains happen at school. To be honest, they can be tough to get out and often don’t come out properly in the wash. So if they’re passable there’s almost no point putting the uniform in the wash the day they happen.

Re-use clothes

We air and recycle clothes as much as we can. We leave our clothes out to air overnight and if they pass the sniff test in the morning, they go back in the drawer/cupboard. Some wardrobe staples like jeans/trousers and skirts can be worn between 5-10 times before washing. T-shirts can usually endure a couple of wears. You can wear items like pyjamas around three or four times in a row before they have to head to the wash.  Of course, there’s no dodging everyday items like socks.

Keep kids in their school clothes after school

Nobody needs a wardrobe change after school – it’s not the BAFTAS! The last thing you need is two sets of clothes per child potentially getting dirty that day.

Don’t entertain clothes pile

Clothes piles are annoying halfway house – you can’t be bothered to put them away yet you don’t think they need a wash. Eventually, you get so annoyed with the clothes pile that it all ends up in the wash anyway – and unnecessarily so – because that’s easier than putting it all away. Don’t let your family develop a clothes pile – or floordrobe habit – and be strict about it!

laundry hacks

Air towels

Towels don’t belong on floors or on beds – they need to be hung out to air after use. We all know what towels become when they are left languishing on beds and floors – smelly! If you leave them out to air you can get away with washing them once a week.

Leave beds to air

Yes I know…the Instagrammers of the world will hate this for me, but don’t make up beds completely in the morning. Instead, pull the covers back on themselves to give beds a chance to air…giving you longer to dodge the bedding wash.

Head food stains off at the pass

I love to cook, but if you cook the way I do…things can get messy! Wear an apron to protect your clothes from food stains when you’re cooking. And if the kids are eating something with a sauce on it, my daughter knows I will be on hand to embarrassingly stuff a piece of kitchen towel or a tea towel that was headed for the wash anyway down her collar to stop her a sauce party happening on her top.

A few bonus tips to lessen the headache of laundry

These tips don’t necessarily lighten the laundry load but they do lessen the overall headache and they are:

Forget the ironing (or forget clothes which need ironing)

We don’t even own an ironing board in this house and I think the iron comes out about twice a year for special occasions (when we iron on a towel on the kitchen table). That’s how much we don’t do ironing! If something’s seriously crumpled just hang the clothes up in a steamed-up bathroom and they will uncrumple of their own accord.

Put clothes away straight away

Don’t let them sit around in a basket for days on end. The site of a full wash basket tormenting you for hours on end is enough to make any mama sob with despair!

laundry hacks

Get the kids to help (from an early age)

It’s no good asking your nine-year-old to help you put away the laundry when you’ve never done so before. Make it be known it’s expected that the kids help with the laundry (as well as other chores). I’ve always asked my daughter to help me with laundry missions from a young age. She knows we get it done much faster together, which means we can then spend some time doing something nice together afterwards.

Do you feel like you’re always doing the laundry? What do you think of these laundry hacks? Do share in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post why not check out these mum hacks.


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  1. This is pretty much what we do, except for one thing. We always get the kids to change when they come home from school. It’s important for them, as a way to unwind from the school day. My youngest especially can’t wait to get back in to his beloved leggings after a long school day.

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