Garden design ideas to make the most of your outdoor space

There is nothing better than relaxing in your garden during the warmer months of the year, especially if you have taken the time to design a stylish, welcoming and practical space. The garden can be a neglected area particularly in the winter months but with a little love and attention, it can become your new favourite space and even add value to your home. So, what are a few garden design ideas to consider?

Water Feature

There is something incredibly calming and peaceful about a water feature. You do not necessarily have to have an enormous garden to have a water feature as you can even build your own pond in a limited space. You can then bring this to life with a fountain, ornaments, plant life and fish. This can bring life to your garden and make it both a relaxing and pleasant space to spend time.

Garden design ideas

Social Space

When it comes to garden design ideas, there is no point in having a beautiful garden if you are unable to spend time in it and socialise with friends and family. Having an area set up for socialising will allow you to make the most out of the space and make it more appealing. This could include having a paved section with stylish paving from places like Marshalls, investing in comfortable garden furniture and having a table large enough so that you can eat together. You can then add to this with exterior lighting, a chiminea and decorative touches.

Lawn & Flowerbeds

Relaxing in the garden is all about being outdoors but within the comfort of your own home. This means that you should also pay close attention to the natural side of the garden in the form of the lawn and your flowerbeds. Experimenting with an interesting lawn shape and keeping it neatly trimmed can add visual appeal and make your garden a little bit different. You can then inject colour and life with carefully thought out flowerbeds. If space permits, having these at a metre’s depth will give you enough space to create a colourful display especially if you use climbing plants at the back of the border. Or alternatively, you can opt for low maintenance shrubs which are perfect for busy mums.

Garden design ideas

The garden is a fabulous time to spend time during the warmer months of the year and it can also be a highly stylish space too. These are just a few garden design ideas which can transform any sized backyard and provide you with a lovely space for enjoying the good weather whether this is unwinding by yourself or entertaining friends and family.


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