How to bring your lawn back to life

bring your lawn back to life

The state of our lawn has been an ongoing saga in our household. Every Winter, it quickly dies a death and begins to resemble a mud bath. Every Spring, with military precision, we focus all our efforts on trying to bring our lawn back to life. And so the cycle continues.

We have a small garden, so things surely shouldn’t be this hard should they? But between poor drainage, trees shedding and most of the lawn being covered with shade, we have been constantly fighting a losing battle. We’ve considered covering it with a high quality artificial grass many times over, having been advised so by countless gardeners we have had come round to advise us. With so amazing incredibly natural looking high quality grasses out there and our headache of a lawn, it was really tempting!

But in the meantime, we think we have found a formula that has worked. And has got it going from mud bath to a glorious grassy carpet:

bring your lawn back to life

Here’s the steps we have taken to bring our lawn back to life.


Seriously, a lawn can build up a lot of things that can inhibit its growth – moss, dead leaves, weeds….and that’s just for starters. Raking or scarifying not only helps to get rid of all of this, but also helps to prepare it for reseeding.

Re-seed with the right seed

If the conditions you have in your garden are not conducive to having a gorgeous lawn like our of Homes and Gardens, you need some pretty hardcore grass seed. I’m not even talking about seed for shade. We have a professional gardener friend who has given us the best tip EVER – and I’m going to share it with you now.

It’s called Canadian Grass Seed.

I honestly didn’t believe it when he said that this type of grass seed will grow anywhere, but he was absolutely right! And not only that, it looks so thick, strong and luscious. We have the best looking lawn in the neighbourhood, no lie.

This is the world’s best kept lawn secret. It grows fast, it grows in shade, it’s plush and a beautiful emerald green and despite what I may have thought…it’s definitely not too good to be true!

We sowed the seed all over, and subsequently re-seeded a couple more times to get all the patches.

Proof is in the pudding!

bring your lawn back to life

Mow regularly

We have been very lazy with mowing in the past, and we have paid for it. The more you mow, the quicker your grass will grow and recover. We have been militant about mowing once a fortnight – which is the recommendation for Spring. That goes up to once a week in the summer. The other thing to be mindful of is ensuring you don’t mow your grass so that it’s too short, which leads to the soil underneath it drying too quickly.

Water water water!

Be sure to water your lawn every day after re-seeding. Once it’s established, watering it once a week should do the trick. Obviously that’s going to be a challenge if a hot summer and hosepipe bans come into effect. Be sure to be smart with your watering too.

Keep leaves and falling blossoms off with a net

We purchased a lawn net and it was such a good investment! Not only did it stop the birds from steeling the seeds, but we also put it down when leaves and blossom are shedding. We have found in the past that leaves have smothered our lawns, signalling the beginning of the end. With a net, you can simply scoop everything off the lawn, enabling the lawn to breathe and do its thing.

So right now, we have an amazing looking lawn which has totally transformed our garden. It’s been worth the battle to bring our lawn back to life….but it almost didn’t make it!

Do you struggle with keeping your lawn alive? Or perhaps you have some tips of your own to bring a lawn back to life? Do share in a comment below. And if you found this post useful, why not check out these quick gardening hacks for busy mums.


*This is a collaborative post


  1. It’s so hard to keep it looking a nice healthy green! We struggle to find the time to mow it regularly, even though we should!

  2. We live opposite a green and the council don’t mow it as often as they used to so now my garden is full of weeds 🙁

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