Quick gardening hacks for busy mums

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A low-maintenance garden is a must-have for busy mums that do not have the time and energy for such kind of activity, though this can affect the quality and beauty of the garden. This article will prove that gardens can be dealt with low effort without sacrificing the desired outcome. Listed below are quick and easy tricks and hacks to help you in maintaining one that suits busy mums.

#1. Weeds, Weeds: Will they ever go away?

quick gardening hacks

Are there more weeds than plants in your garden? Do they just keep on coming back? Have no time to pull out the roots one-by-one? Finally get rid of persistent weeds by using vinegar.  Pour in a generous amount in the soil where they are growing.

If you are building a new flower bed, cover the bedding with newspaper or, better yet, a cardboard before spreading a layer of mulch to keep weeds from growing.

Pulling weeds off your garden takes too much time.

#2. Have a problem with raising a seedling?

In this gardening hacks for busy mums #2, use citrus peels to plant the seedling. Have a hole at the bottom, put in the soil, sow the seed, and water regularly. Once the seedling has established its roots and is ready to be relocated, plant it together with the peel that will soon decompose and serve as a fertilizer.

#3. Is watering your needy plants a bother?

Frequent trips and hectic schedules would hinder you from your quality time with your needy plants which mostly need water to live. To prevent nasty outcomes of lack of attention, plant your potted plants with a diaper at the bottom to better absorb water and keep the moisture locked up for a long time.

Another trick preferred for indoor potted plants is to roll paper towels tightly without tearing apart, dunk the end in a glass of water, and lay the remaining to the pot, and make sure it is placed near the plants’ roots.

Decorative water spikes can be bought, though as busy as you are, might as well be thrifty at the same time. Have a clean bottle, drill a small hole in the cap, fill it with water, and put the cap back. Have the hole inside the pot with soil next to the plant. The size of the bottle depends on the size of the pot. This will keep the soil moist for a longer time.

An alternative to a water spike, which is less unattractive, is to have a water system underground. Have a bottle filled with holes and bury it underground next to the plant for its roots to absorb the water. Also, after the rainy days, collect rain water in pails and drum containers for watering the plants on dry season.

A more costly type of automatic watering device compared to the DIY sprinkler

#4. Are the plants too far from each other?

No sprinkler? No problem as long as you have a garden hose. This #3 gardening hacks for busy mums allow you to attach an empty plastic bottle that is filled with holes at the end of the hose. Keep in mind that the holes should be small enough to keep the water from flooding the garden and large enough to sprinkle the plants nearby. Then, keep the water running.

#5. Are remedies for blunt gardening tools miles away?

If your gardening tools are already blunt, then let us shorten your travel by only a pot away. This will also consume less time because the sharpening will occur the same time as storing. Use a pot and fill it with abrasive sand and mineral oil. Make this as your storage area, and it will keep your tools, especially the shovels, clean and sharp.

Inserting coffee filter at the bottom would definitely eliminate clogging.

#6. Are pots more frequently clogged than the toilet?

Soil clogged in the pot hole is a very common problem in gardening which results in the death of the plant caused by overwatering. To prevent this, add a coffee filter at the bottom of the pot in line with the pothole.

#7. Freshly manicured nails (well you never know!)?

Let’s not have the precious time in the salon get wasted!

Keep your nails clean by rubbing it with soap before handling gardening activities. After the task, wash with water, and the dirt will come with it.

#8. Have plants that are sensitive to heat and sunlight?

Have yourself a drink and cut the plastic bottle in half or with the desired height. Cover the sprout with it that would act as a mini greenhouse.

#9. No time and knowledge for pest control?

The easiest and most effective tip is to have spiders in your garden to eliminate small bugs and insects. Slow the slugs down by scattering oatmeal cereals or form a barrier for these creatures that may eat up the leaves of the plant by using egg shells.

You can also keep the raccoons, squirrels, and other bigger pests by planting plastic forks surrounding the plants.

Keep those pesky noses away by using natural pest control like strategically putting beneficial spiders on your garden.

If you’re a busy mom who runs errands all the time, owning a nice lawn would not require a specific color of the thumb, but the sufficient amount of effort that a person can allot that would result in a better-looking front and backyard garden. The beauty of a garden is not measured by how much it costs but how attractive it is even if its maintenance is near zero.

Which of these gardening hacks for busy mums have you tried before? Let us know! And don’t forget to grab some great offers and discounts from Bydiscountcodes.co.uk on Home & Garden to help you with your gardening endeavours. If you’re looking to transform your garden this year you can also check out these ideas here.

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