Here’s why we want a caravan!

It’s something we’ve talked about for a long time. We really want a caravan! We have had many a fantastic holiday in a static caravan. That said, what we would really love is a two birth caravan with an awning which we can simply pack up and take to the road in. That would mean we could sleep more people without the extra price tag that comes with a six birth! With that said, here are all the reasons we so desperately want a caravan:

The freedom

Imagine just being able to pick a spot on a map, somewhere you’ve never been before and think yup! let’s go there. All you have to do is find a caravan site, and it’s yours for the taking. Amazing!

The ease of it all

No schlepping to the airport with a bajillion suitcases, no having to haul yourself on a train. It’s a super child-friendly break. Just pop everything you need in there, and that’s it baby – we’re going door to door!

Taking in the best of British

We really do love a good old stay-cation. Having lived out in Asia four years before we had our daughter, we really appreciate everything our amazing Isles have to offer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a British holiday. And doing it in a caravan is the cherry on the cake!

Wallet friendly

Of course there’s the initial investment, but after that, caravan holidays are extremely easy on the pocket. Imagine not being slapped with high flight prices and cottage hires during the school holidays. The stuff of family dreams!

Slow, simple pleasures

For me, having a caravan and being able to holiday in one speaks to me of all the slow simple pleasures I crave so much these days. Blustery beach side walks, lazy hours spent building sandcastles, BBQs, lakeside fishing, stocking up at the local farm shop and outdoors living. Happy days, my friend.

I really hope that one day our caravan dream will become a reality. All we need it to find somewhere to park it and the initial outlay and we’ll be ready to be curious caravans-ers too!

We’ve recently been eyeing up the 2 birth caravans at Baileys of Bristol which have some very tempting family sized caravans on offer at very reasonable prices. Do you own a caravan? Or perhaps you too have a dream of owning a caravan? Do share in a comment below.


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