Revealing the must-have kitchen gadgets for mums

kitchen gadgets for mums

If you’re anything like me, if you’re a foodie loving mum you will probably spend a significant time in the kitchen. I like to think of the kitchen as “my second office”  – you know, the other one where I’m not blogging – and like any good office there are certain things you need to help you get through the hours spent there. So I asked fellow bloggers to share what their must have kitchen gadgets for mums are – how many of these are on your must have kitchen gadget list?

A slow cooker

It’s so handy to batch cook meals with to then pop in the freezer. – Kerry Louise Norris  

A hand blender

To sneak in and hide vegetables in every sauce. – Someone’s Mum 

A rice cooker

It makes cooking rice super easy! – Suburban Mum 

A food processor

Ideal for blending, chopping and mixing. – Katy Kicker 

A microplane

I have a microplane which is a grater with lots of tiny razor sharp blades. It’s amazing for grating ginger or garlic really finely, or for grating whole nutmeg or cinnamon. I use it every day. – A Mummy Too 

A grater with an in-built container

The IKEA cheese grater – the best thing ever!! – Then There Were Three 

An air fryer

It is such a good way to make tasty, healthy food without much effort at all.It’s non-stick so it’s so easy to clean. Plus the chips it makes are so so good! – Baby Foote  

A smoothie maker

A great way to get some extra vitamins into your children’s diet by making them smoothies. Even my two year old now knows how to make a smoothie! – Living With A Jude  

A microwave

I’d never eat a hot meal if it wasn’t for warming my food up once I’ve finished faffing with the kids if it wasn’t for a microwave! – Five Little Doves 

A potato ricer

No matter how hard I try I could never achieve lump free mash with a standard potato masher…. and no one likes lumpy mash! – Pushing The Moon 

A coffee maker

We couldn’t be without our Tassimo! Coffee on tap for the hubby and amazing hot chocolate for me and the kiddies. – Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs 

A kick ass potato peeler

A sharp one that’s comfy to hold. I always buy mine from IKEA and I have a spare one in the cupboard just in case I lose or break the one I’m currently using! – Le Coin De Mel 

A bread maker

Because there’s nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread!

A killer knife sharpener

For me it’s my knife sharpener.. I am SO obsessive with having sharp knives before I chop!! My parents never sharpen gives me shudders?! – Ready Freddie Go 

A julienne peeler

It only costs a couple of quid – and is perfect for spiralising courgettes and carrots without having to use and wash a bigger gadget every time. – My Boys Club 

A microwave steamer

Makes doing veg for a quick toddler meal super quick and easy. You can also use it cook rice – it’s my most used piece of equipment! –  Ballsy Mama  

A spaghetti measurer

A cheap gadget, but I could never get my proportions right before. We were either starving, or I was throwing loads away! – The Parent Game  

What’s your must have kitchen gadget? Is it something from the above list or perhaps something entirely different? Or perhaps you’ve discovered something new from the list above (I know I have!). Do share in a comment below.

Must have kitchen gadgets

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  1. some great must have kitchen gadgets for mums in this list. I love our slow cooker as its great for just putting food on and then being able to leave it to cook whilst getting on with other things. The kids would agree with you about the smoothie maker too, one of the best buys in our house.

  2. I have to say my slow cooker has recently had a new lease of life as I have found the benefits of cooking with it 🙂 It could do with being larger though as I got it 16 years ago when were just 2!

  3. I spend a good few hours every single day in the kitchen. I cook all our meals from scratch. I can not imagine my life without a hand blender and rice cooker (my husband is Persian, so we eat tonnes of rice every month). The spaghetti measurer really intrigued me, how small things can make ones life easier! I loved it!x

  4. I have almost all of these (we’d probably never eat home cooked meals during the week without my slow cooker!) but I’ve been thinking about getting an air fryer for a while. I’ll have to start doing my research on them!

  5. Sounds like this has been a great way to share some ideas for what can make our kitchen lives easier please do feel free to chime in with any more suggestions of anything not included! x

  6. Such a great post! How have I not heard of a microplane before? Sounds amazing! My most used kitchen gadget has got to be my microwave egg poacher. Not quite the same as properly poaching eggs but great for a quick breakfast with minimal washing up.

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