Why I’m thrilled my daughter wants to wear trousers to school

My four year old daughter cuddled up to me one day and said, “mummy, some girls wear trousers at our school”.

“Mmmm, yes I know”,  I replied as neutrally as possible. Then I waited for what I hoped would come next, and so it did….

“Mummy can I wear trousers to school?”

I did a little fist pump inside. Yasssss! My daughter wants to wear trousers to school! Yes yes yes!

You see, my daughter likes to play and play hard, and I always wondered just how suitable wearing a pinafore and tights would be for those crazy antics at break time.

The rest of the time, she lives in trousers – apart from when parties, birthdays and special occasions are concerned and then she likes to pop on a dress and be all girly. She is very much her mother’s daughter in that sense.

But it’s not just because I feel that trousers are so much more practical for a highly active reception age girl that I did a little first pump inside.

It’s because she had a choice and made a choice, and I’m all for encouraging children to have choices.  She didn’t feel trapped within the outdated confines of what we think little girls should wear to school. She broke away from the mold and did her own thing – not what everyone else was doing. She had a sense of beautiful and innocent freedom and honoured what was right for her and her own comfort. I am also pleased as it will put an end to all the “mummy, the tights are funny!” every morning. God damn those tights!!!!

Of course she is not the only one – there are some girls who wear trousers in her school – but very few until they migrate up into the juniors. I have to say hats off to schools for being modern in their approach and letting girls wear trousers to school thanks to efforts from campaigns like Trousers For All. Although it has to be said, that not every school across the country does allow trousers. Some are sticking firmly to their guns and insisting girls wear skirts or pinafores which is sad because if we are truly to lay the path for equality for girls then this is something that should surely be offered as a choice?

So forgive me while I have a proud school mum moment as I celebrate the independent thinking of my not yet five year old reception daughter, and her choice to wear the trousers at at school! You go girl.

Do you have a daughter who has chosen to wear trousers at school? What are your thoughts about girls wearing trousers to school? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. I wish mine would wear trousers to nursery school. She is obsessed with wearing dresses with MATCHING tights, which is an organisation feat in itself. I try to fob her off with tunics and leggings haha.
    It’s my own fault because she thinks ‘grown ups that work’ wear office wear.

  2. I love that she had a choice. It really shows her independent thought which is great for development. If I had a choice now, I’d always choose the trousers lol – instead of the kilt we were made to wear in secondary school!

  3. Yay, go her! 😀 I’d be thrilled as well. I think it’s amazing that schools are letting girls wear trousers now. When I was younger our whole school made a petition to let girls wear trousers (we’re talking the 90’s now) and our head teacher still said no. x

  4. It’s so great girls can wear trousers to school these days. I remember going to school in Edinburgh 30 odd years ago, when it wasn’t allowed, and we did a petition which almost every girl in our school signed, for the right to wear trousers.

  5. My daughter is still at nursery but I’ve realised that she basically wears jeans or leggings all the time. Seems so much more practical for running around in. WIll have to look into the school she’ll be going to- hope they can wear trousers there too! #coolmumclub

  6. I really didn’t know that some schools in the country do not allow girls to wear trousers. This news has put me in a bit of a hump…it’s such a shame. I never even realised it was a problem. I’m glad she was able to make the choice on her own and you were there to support her. 🙂 #CoolMumClub

  7. Perfectly allowed to have a proud moment and nothing to forgive. Don’t hate me but I’m so glad my kids aren’t in a uniform-wearing school. I just could never have coped with all that nonsense. Hooray for no more ‘mummy these tights are funny’ days! #coolmumclub

  8. My daughter wore trousers and leggings all the time at nursery, which was super practical for scrabbling around in the dirt. Now she’s in Reception at Big School, she has to wear a pinafore and tights. She’s really pleased with her dress, which is good as she has no option! I’d much rather more practical trousers for her, better than ripped tights!

  9. The Tubblet wore trousers to school for most of her primary years but insists on a skirt once she reached secondary even though trousers are an option. Not sure why as she won’t skirts outside school and never has since she’s been able to choose her own clothes

  10. I love that she felt comfortable enough to make her own choice, it’s so important to have that strength to know your own mind and it starts with little steps like this. It’s also fab that she has that choice available as trousers are def more practical!! #coolmumclub

  11. Woohoo, I’m all for it! How awesome that she made a choice that was right for her. At primary school I wore a combination of trousers and skirts (mainly trousers when it was colder and skirts when it was warmer). At secondary school we had tartan kilts, yet oddly hardly anyone chose to wear trousers. To be fair, this may have been because they had to be a specific type from the uniform shop (it was a grammar school, so all very strict) and they weren’t a very flattering fit! #CoolMumClub

  12. Totally in agreement with you. Both times when we were buying uniforms I’ve offered to buy her trousers and both times she said they’re for boys which saddened me. I always try to ensure a neutral stance when it comes to ‘boys’ things and ‘girls’ things. There aren’t many girls wearing trousers (although allowed) in her school but I hope that will change. If she genuinely prefers dresses over trousers then no problem x

  13. Lol I know that feeling with ‘my tights feel funny’!!!. My eldest daughter used to wear trousers at Primary School yet my youngest daughter wouldnt even go near a pair, let alone wear them. If I’m honest I’m all for trousers and they look find on the kids yet strangely when they move onto secondary school you dont see any girls really wearing them, and if you do which I did much to my surprise the other day I found myself thinking it didnt look quite right. Odd but then again I can be lol. Anyway, I feel the total opposite everyone practically breaks out in song when I wear a skirt as I’m a jeans at home and trousers at work person all the time! #coolmumclub

  14. I don’t enjoy wearing tights so I never wear skirts to school in the winter. I love skirts in summer as I get hot (it’s an age thing!). We should allow our children to wear what is comfy so having a choice is important. I do think children should be smart in school so schools should provide a choice for children. Glad she’s enjoying her school. #coolmumclub

  15. Argh to uniform – Tigs school winter uniform is proper full (shirt, tie, pinafore, cadigan)on and it’s a nightmare! No trousers going on there and all I can say is ROLL ON SUMMER DRESSES!

    E is definitely going to be filling our cool Mum shoes one of these days! x

  16. I don’t really have an opinion on what kids should (or shouldn’t) wear, but I’m happy to hear your girl is making a choice based on what works best for her!
    I grew up in Sweden and there were no school uniforms, and most girls wore trousers most days.

  17. I’m always a little amazed that my daughter wants to wear trousers. Until she was about 6 she would never wear anything other than skirts and dresses! #coolmumclub

  18. I’ve got a boy. But his school let girls wear trousers, and in the summer girls can also wear school shorts – I’ve seen a couple wear culottes as well. Most girls do wear skirts or summer dresses unless it gets really cold. But then there’s a handful of boys still wearing shorts in this cold weather! #coolmumclub

  19. All for trousers! My 9 year old has worn tailored shorts since reception as she loves wearing shorts at home. She wears them with tights or socks and has often been the only one in her class! I love her for being confident and not necessarily following the crowd. #coolmumclub

  20. Ah thats a good idea. I had never thought of putting my little one in trousers. She has never asked either. I would definitely let her wear what she wants to wear though, if she wanted to wear trousers so be it. Theres a girl in her class who always wears shorts with tights… she looks cool! #Coolmumclub

  21. I’m torn on this one, I think its great that your daughter knows her own mind to be able to make this decision, but I kind of want my daughter in pinafores… I think I’m just sick of boring boys clothing! ‘#coolmumclub

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