#MyFiveThings by Days In Bed: 5 things I love about being a stay at home mum

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Welcome to this instalment of the #MyFiveThings series! For those who have had the opportunity to be a stay at home mum, whilst definitely not without its many challenges, there are also some incredible things that come with being a stay at home mum. It is that notion that Angela who blogs over on Days In Bed is here to celebrate in this edition of #MyFiveThings. 

Being a mother is a wonderful thing. At times it drives me crazy, exhausts me and makes me think oh my goodness what have I done? However I would’t change it for the world. Being a mother is one of the most enriching experiences of my life and a role I love. What’s even better for me is that I’ve been able to be a stay at home mother for most of my child’s

I am currently unwell and my parenting experiences are not exactly the same as every other mother, however being unwell has given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mum and so today I’d like to share with you, 5 things I love about being a stay at home mum.

Being at the crossroads

The thing I love the most about being at home full time is that I am always at home when my daughter leaves and when she returns. I love the opportunity to say goodbye to my daughter, fix her hair and wish her well for her day before she leaves for school. Likewise I love when my child comes home and comes running up the stairs to find me and have a cuddle. These are moments I cherish and will always remember once my daughter has

More opportunities to educate

When my daughter was a toddler, I loved being home and being able to create learning opportunities to help my child grow and develop. I am a qualified early years teacher and it was a wonderful experience to teach my own child and help her discover new things. I’ve always loved doing fun activities with my girl and being home allows me to rest and reserve my energy so we can do fabulous things together when my child is home and I am well.

being a stay at home mum

Creating your own routine

As a stay at home mother, I’ve had the flexibility to create a routine for my daughter and I without the worry of fitting in work outside the home. I understand some mothers don’t have this luxury or choice and so I appreciate being able to do this together. I do have to make time for blogging work in the home but we can still be together and do things in the same room when I am working on social media or a blog.

Baking and cooking together

Being a stay at home mum has allowed me to spend time doing baking and cooking with my child. I know when I was a teacher, I would go to work at 7am and return at 6pm and I would be so exhausted. If I were working these type of hours now, we would not have time to make food together which is one of our favourite activities

Getting to see magical moments

As a stay at home mother I get to see moments in my daughter’s life I might otherwise miss out on. As a baby, I was able to see Sylvia’s first steps and first words. Now my child is older, I am able to go to her school assemblies to see my daughter get an award and watch her in school plays. This means so much to my daughter having her mummy watching her
magical moments.

Being a stay at home mum is an awesome experience for me and something I plan to continue doing if I am lucky enough to have any more children.

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  1. I have had my challenges being a stay at home mom but I agree, I love being able to send them off in the morning and greet them afterschool. Being home allows me to spend so much more time with my kids and for that I am so grateful!!

  2. Totally agree with you…all those little things that make up a day at home with little ones seem so insignificant but to them and to me, they are vital. I love that I get to be my kids teacher, carer, provider, mentor, nurse etc…the endless list. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  3. I’m new to being a stay at home mum! You could say I’m still in marernity but I’ve told them in not going back to work so stay at home, hello! I’m excited for the future x

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