Our family travel wishlist: Five places I want to take my family in the next five years

I am really lucky to have done a lot of travelling in my life pre-children. Now that our daughter is a little bit older, we’ve been talking about some more adventurous travel plans. They say that having things to look forward to – like travels – is really good for your mental wellbeing. There is something so exciting about daydreaming about destinations and the travel plans you will make. So today I wanted to share with you five places that are on our family travel wishlist that I want to take my family to in the next five years.

New York

Given that Mr C’s sister lives in New York this has to be the top of our family travel wish list. There are so many amazing things to see and do in New York with children, and having a family member based there means we would be able to see all the hidden gems you often don’t get to find out about as a tourist. And of course, I am totally desperate to go and see a show on Broadway!


I have fond memories of travelling around India pre-kids also, and it’s often somewhere we have talked about visiting as a family. Although back in the day I went travelling around South India, despite the crazy of it all, I’d also love to visit Mumbai and explore some of the incredible things to do in and around the capital city, before finishing things up with a relaxing stint in Goa.

Disneyland Paris

This is one thing on our family travel wishlist that I really want to make happen next year! I’ve had some excellent advice on how to plan a holiday to Disneyland Paris recently. But what I would really to do is to go with another family because I think our daughter being able to experience the joys of Disneyland Paris with one of her friends would be double the magic!

Disneyland Paris holiday


I have to say every time I read about someone’s magical adventures in Lapland then my brain starts jumping all over the place! For me, Lapland is the jewel in the crown of our family travel wishlist. Snow, husky adventures, the Northern lights and of course visiting Father Christmas in his homeland…well, things just do not get any better than that, do they?


When we lived out in Singapore, we were really fortunate to spend a lot of time in Thailand. We have such fond memories of our time there, and desperate to go back as a family. The only thing that is putting us off marking this one off our family wishlist for now? The flight time and jetlag. But eventually, I think the urge to return will trump that all. Just the thought of island hopping around the islands in Phang Nga Bay fills me with wanderlust.

Are any of the above on your family travel wishlist? Do share in a comment below.


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