Xalm weighted blanket review: tackling anxiety and insomnia

Xalm weighted blanket

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I have struggled with insomnia on and off for years. I also have my fair share of anxiety which is usually brought on due to the invisible condition I live with – reactive hypoglcyemia, and that is set off at certain times of the month when the crimson tied is about to wash my sanity away. So when I had the opportunity to review a Xalm weighted banket the anxious non-sleeping sparrow in me thought – yes please!

I first heard about weighted blankets being used to help children on the autistic spectrum, but now they are taking the rest of the world by storm!

What can a Xalm weighted blanket do?

Here’s what the makers of thr Xalm weighted blanket say it can do:

  • Reduce Anxiety Quickly: Almost instantly after snuggling under your blanket you’ll begin to feel calmer and your anxiety will melt away.
  • Release The “Bliss” Molecule: Just 20 seconds under the blanket and your body will naturally start releasing Oxytocin helping you feel more relaxed and washing away stress.
  • Fall Asleep Quicker: The weighted micro-bead technology used in the blanket is scientifically proven to help you get to sleep quicker. Meaning no more onset insomnia or feeling frustrated for hours lying in bed.
  • Get Better Quality Sleep: The weighted blanket stops your fidgeting meaning you’ll sleep like a baby through the night.
  • Scientifically ProvenStudies have shown 63% of people report having lower levels of anxiety after using the blanket.
Xalm weighted blanket

First impressions

Firstly can I just say how fabulously awesome the Xalm weighted blanket feels? OH. MY. GOD. Touching it alone is enough to make you feel that all is right in the world. It feels decandently minky and comforting beyond believe. It just makes you want to get all snuggly.

But then here’s what happens when you put it on….your whole body and mind literally does a sigh of relief. It’s like being given the best hug in the world. Like sinking into the most luxurious bath. It’s like coming home.

So with said, I planned to use my Xalm weighted blanket in two ways. The first is to wind down and stop my crazy mind when I want to shift into a lower gear for the evening. The perfect partner for a night in chilling with Netflix. The second is to help me get off to sleep on the nights when I can’t.

Xalm weighted blanket

Here’s how I go on with my Xalm weighted blanket

Winding down in the evening

Making the transition to the crazy of daily life to hey, let’s chill it’s the evening – can be a challenge can’t it? Especially when you still have a million and one things to do on your to-do list and have the calamity school run staring you in the face the next morning.

But the minute I drape my Xalm weighted blanket on me, something magical happens. I drop into bliss mode. It’s like the whole world, my mind, and my body has gone soft and fuzzy. It’s the most amazing tranformation. The best fast track to winding down and getting rid of all that nervous energy and anxiety from the day if ever there was one.

Getting to sleep at night

As it happens, last night was the perfect night to test my Xalm weighted blanket. One of those nights when you just feel so tired you’re certain you’re going to sleep. And then after two hours nothing, nada. You’re still tossing and turning, and starting to feel anxious about the fact you haven’t gotten to sleep yet.

But here’s what happened. I kicked off my duvet and heaved my Xalm weighted blanket over me, and hunkered down underneath it. I could feel that lovely bliss wash over me. And the after that, I guess I must have fallen asleep within five or ten minutes because I don’t remember anything! Which is nothing short of a dream for any insomniac.

So does the Xalm weighted blanket work?

Is it worth the hype? Does it work? I think you can tell from my experience above that at least in my personal opinion, the answer to that is a resounding yes! If you struggle with bringing your mind and body down after a hectic day, and also struggle to get to sleep at night, then I would definitely recommend looking into getting yourself a Xalm weighted blanket.

It’s not cheap at £99, but it is definitely an investment. It’s amazing quality, looks and feels so luxurious and does exactly what it says on the tin – reduces your anxiety and helps you get to sleep at night. For me, those two things are worth its (very heavy) weight in gold!

Xalm weighted blanket

Where to buy a Xalm weighted blanket

The Xalm weighted blanket is available to buy at Amazon at £99.99. I tested the 6.8kg version. It’s also available at 4.5kg and 9kg. And here’s the sweetener – it comes with a 100 night risk free trial.

Do you suffer with anxiety or sleep problems? What do you think of the Xalm weighted blanket and how it could help with these issues? Do leave a comment and share.


*I was sent a Xalm weighted blanket for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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