Screen-free Christmas gifts for children #digitalantidote

Yup you know the drill. It’s that time of year when the children start whining for iPads, Xboxes and Playstations but we say nooooo! Step away from the tech and bring on screen-free Christmas gifts that will rally the family together instead.

Today we’ve teamed up with our favourite online gift shop Rex London, to provide the digital antidote families across the land so desperately need. Read on for some inspiration on screen-free Christmas gifts for children and family fun for all.

Let their imaginations run with a Fairy Tale Dice Game

Throw the dice and let their imagination and creativity run wild! This easy to play Fairy Tale Dice Game (£7.95) is the perfect way to practice storytelling skills by simply using the set of nine pictured dice and inspiration booklet to weave together your own fairy tale. Perfect for fairy lovers across the land!

screen-free Christmas gifts

Battle it out for the hire score with Space Age Pinball

Beware competitive dads who may become fixated with this Space Age Pinball Machine (£2.95) but hey! at least that will put an end to screen-time conflicts, right? When it comes to digital antidotes, this has to be the perfect old school alternative. Snap one up for all the family your stocking fillers now.

Screen-free Christmas gifts

Give the gift of a good old fashioned game of snap

We have recently rediscovered the joy of cards in our house – which always ends up being a raucous affair in a heated after-dinner game. The perfect way to get all the family involved, you can’t beat a fast-paced game of snap which these brightly coloured Children’s Snap Cards (£2.95) are absolutely perfect for.

Create a whole other addiction with Tiddly Winks

Remember when you used to feverishly spend hours shooting a wink into flight and trying to land it in the pot? Remember that feeling of glee when you finally did? Your children won’t know what’s hit them when they get hooked on this old school classic Tiddly Winks Game (£5.95).

Screen-free Christmas gifts

Adventure off on a space odyssey with a Space Age Torch

Forget hiding under the bedsheets with an iPad – so last year! Instead grab an oh-so-now Space Age Torch (£6.95), dim the lights and watch as the kids delight in taking take a journey through space, scrolling through the discs to discover rockets, astronauts, and space vehicles.

Screen-free Christmas gifts

Create an in-house menagerie with an Origami Animal Kit

This wonderful Origami Animal Kit (£6.95) contains 24 sheets of printed paper – enough to make a whole family of foxes, mice, parrots, cats and bunny rabbits read: keep ’em busy for hours on end. Plus did you know that Origami is also a great way of developing concentration, hand-eye coordination, maths reasoning and more?

Screen-free Christmas gifts

Create the ultimate hideout with a In The Jungle Teepee

In case you haven’t cottoned on, there’s nothing that little people love more than to hunker down in a den. This In The Jungle Teepee (now £39.95 down from £79.95) is the perfect addition to any playroom, reading corner, picnic or hey! let’s just whip it out in the living room because why not?

Screen-free Christmas gifts

Sniff out all those liars with a Secret Agent Lie Detector Kit

Liar liar pants on fire! Kids just love to catch us out don’t they? So this Secret Agent Lie Detector Kit (£12.95) will not only be the perfect way to give them a chance to try their hand at electronics and find out loads of fun facts about electricity but will mean your Christmas entertainment is sorted.

Screen-free Christmas gifts

Be the creator of the universe with a Make Your Own Solar System Kit

We all know that children love to build their own kingdoms, so why not take things one step further with this DIY Solar System Kit (£9.95) which includes everything they need to be the creator of the universe. Including nine planets, glow in the dark paint, and loads of fun facts in the instruction book.

Screen-free Christmas gifts

So there you have it, no excuses now! With these screen-free Christmas gifts, you can forget about technology brain drain and have fun as a family just like everyone used to in the good old fashioned days before technology took over our lives.

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Which of these screen-free Christmas gifts do you think your children would love to receive? Do leave a comment and share. Need more Christmas gift inspiration? Take a look at this list of life skills-teaching Christmas gifts for kids and these Christmas gift ideas for active children.


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  1. Some great ideas here! I think my kids would love the Fairy Tale Dice Game the most, as they have such vivid imaginations and are always coming up with their own stories.

  2. My sons would love the space pinball as they are obsessed with anything space-related. Their whole bedrooom has a space theme.x

  3. Tiddlywinks! I haven’t even thought about tiddlywinks for years and years, but now that I do think about it, Leo would love that because he can happily spend hours just throwing a ball into a cup! On your giveaway, he would love the Thunderbirds Rescue Mission Rocket because he tells me (very regulalry) that Thunderbirds are ‘awesome’.

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