Second child infertility: Why are so many mums struggling to have a second child?

As a mum of only one child by choice, I am slightly obsessed by whether people are going on to have another child or not. Although it’s something I don’t really talk about out in the open, it’s a dull chatter that can be heard in my mind throughout the week. In amongst my constant internal evaluations, there is one thing I have noticed. That a lot of mums around me are struggling to have a second child.

A quick google of this question throws up the term “second child infertility”. So yes, it is a thing….not just something that I have personally observed. There have been more mums than I can remember where the conversation went something along the lines of “we wanted a second child, but it just didn’t happen for us…so we left it”. Depending on how deep the conversation went, sometimes they share stories of various miscarriages and the inability to go through another one in the hope of having a second child.

It seems gone are the days when we thought….well I had one, so surely popping out another one will be no drama at all.

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