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Being a mum involves more than just giving birth to a child, it entails having a deep love and affection for a soul before even seeing it. Being a mum can be a very joyful experience, but it is not all sunshine and rainbows.

From time to time, a mum will have to endure sleepless nights and intense stress when taking care of their children. This stress leaves a lot of mums worn-out and wasted.

Even when children grow up, their mums still need to encourage them and give them candid advice that will help them cope with the reality of the real world. The caveat here is that all the work a mum undergoes make them perform poorly mentally.

In this article, we are going to discuss some simple tips that can help mums boost their brain performance.

Eating brain food

There are numerous foods that is essential for a healthy brain. So, if the brain is to work at maximum capacity, it needs to be well fed. Current research has shown that four chemical nutrients affect the brain positively. They are – Amino acids, fatty acids, Glucose, and Antioxidants. Having all this in mind, what mums should do here is to give their bodies fresh and unprocessed whole food that contains all the nutrient the brain needs.


Vegetables are loaded with important vitamins that the brain needs to maintain its agility. A recent study in Neurology found out that vegetable like spinach helps to reduce brain damage. Vegetables also play the role of providing important antioxidants that improve the brain’s performance, making it able to handle intense pressure and stress. Some examples of vegetable that boost brain productivity are kale, spinach, cauliflower and many more.


Fruits contain an essential compound that helps to keep the brain in a top notch condition. Brain foggy mum can boost their brain by eating fruits that are rich in important vitamins and chemicals that improve the brains performance. An excellent example of fruit that improves the brains performance is Blueberry. NootropicsĀ – which are cognitive enhancer health supplements which improve memory and focus – can also be used to intensify the brains performance, especially when taken in the right amount.

Complex Carbs

The brain needs energy in other to perform at maximum capacity. The brain gets it energy from glucose, which is commonly found in carbohydrates like whole bread, rice, pasta and many more.

The good thing about carbohydrate is that they release energy slowly and steadily that enables the brain to remain stable and productive. Just as the muscles and heart consume nutrient, so does the brain. The brain is the center of command in a human body because it controls a lot of the things we do.

Healthy Fats

The brain contains 60% fat, and they are basically from Omega-3 and Omega-6. These fats are not produced in the body, so they have to come in through our diet. Some example of some healthy fats is Oily fish(omega-3), nuts, eggs and avocado(Omega-6).

There is another type of fat that can get in the way of healthy fat, it is known as Hydrogenated fat. Hydrogenated fat affects the brain negatively, and they can be found in processed food like biscuits and cakes

Amino acids

The Neurotransmitters that are in the brain are made from amino acid. An amino acid is not produced in the body but can be gotten from food like milk and oats. These foods help in relaxing the brain and prepare it for the important tasks ahead.


More than 70% of the body is composed of water. The brain and other vital organs need water to function properly. Taking sufficient water daily can help mums to think faster, become more focused and productive.

The job of a mum is a never-ending one, and any help in getting through through the day is always welcome. What do you think about these tips to boost your brain as a mum?

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