New Year – New Choices? How to make change and feel positive

New Choices

*This is a guest post 

Here we are having said goodbye to another year. A year, for me, very much in line with the rest of my journey – lots of wonderful highs as well as those uncomfortable lows. I self-published my debut book, Born Together. Quite an experience as well as a steep learning curve. Radio interviews, newspaper articles and a local television appearance all came along- and that’s what started me thinking. The nerves and anxiety they brought with them affected me both physically and emotionally. I am a stay-at-home mum with Multiple Sclerosis- retired early from teaching due to my health.

I started to think outside the box about the things in my life that caused me stress, difficulty and that I had quietly tried to avoid for many years. I started to think that where I was in my life might actually be where I would stay in my life if I didn’t confront my issues and limiting beliefs?

Readers’ comments of Born Together grew my desire to change those limiting beliefs and look for a new me and a new future.  Comments like: “The true definition of hope” “Patricia’s philosophy could change your life- so it’s worth getting your head around” and “I highly commend it to anyone who wants to be encouraged to address life’s challenges head on” all surged me forward with growing confidence.

I started to look at my journey in life-where I was before MS and where I had ended up at not quite 40 years old.  I started to put together My Life Jigsaw and an MS Jigsaw. Maybe I wasn’t that nervous retired teacher through ill- health? Maybe I wasn’t that anxious public speaker? Maybe I wasn’t just mum to Elliot and capable of nothing more because I had Multiple Sclerosis? Maybe I wasn’t destined to a life of disability and vulnerability? Maybe there was more to Patricia and her future with motherhood and MS after all?

I started writing down all the things I could still do and that supported me to manage my MS symptoms. Reader’s asked me questions about how I managed change? Made new choices? Let go of the past and embraced my new future with hope and belief. I decided to write and share it all in My Life Jigsaw. It is a collection of all the pieces I gathered over my journey to support me and help me shift my life from where it was to where I wanted it to be.

I share it with you now as a FREE download. A resource to help you reflect on who you are, where you are in your life journey and where you would like to go in 2018. The booklet shares the many things I have learned, practised and applied to allow me to shift my limiting beliefs. Often as mums we are so overwhelmed by the daily tasks and asks that we forget about our needs as individuals. More accurately we ignore them in pursuit of meeting our children’s and our family needs. My Life Jigsaw might assist you to change that- and for the better.

Since I have reflected on myself in 2017 and taken time for me, I have become an author and more recently a radio host. I have nourished myself and found ways to look after me too.  I have definitely become a more relaxed mum. My best decision of 2017 was putting my needs equal to everyone else’s- and learning to do so without guilt. I am achieving more. I am replenishing and nurturing myself more.

Goodness me it took me a long time to accept this was all right and didn’t make me a lesser or selfish mum. It has been a good lessen to us all. Elliot sees mum now as an individual, a writer, a radio show host and his mum. Allan, as much as he has had to adapt to the changes, has admired the different me and the new achievements. We all had to think outside the box and step outside our comfort zones. But we did, and we have moved forward together. I am a different version of myself. A positively different version and I feel more respected, especially by myself. There is more respect around the home and I am not just ‘mum’ anymore.

I am also Patricia who has many complex needs. I urge you to find yourself again and to look after you. Think about learning and achieving again. For me, motherhood is the best job in the world and I love it so much with my precious Elliot. But to shift the guilt and find respect for myself again as an individual has been powerful and the first step to adjusting those limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

My Life Jigsaw has the tools to take you on a journey too. If you feel run-down, overwhelmed, over worked and constantly striving to meet everyone else’s needs then My Life Jigsaw could help you. If you want change, more positivity or if you feel stuck in a rut then My Life Jigsaw could support you to make positive and supported change.

Download My Life Jigsaw FREE @

2018 is a New Year and you can make new choices. I did, and they were life-changing. I am happier in myself and therefore happier in life. Download the FREE My Life Jigsaw today and go for it!


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