Teaching children great values with The Penguin Party + #win

Every now and then a book comes along to which your children’s response is so precious you want to capture and hold on tightly to it forever. That book has become known as The Penguin Party in our household. The Penguin Party is a highly personalised book that is perfect for teaching children great values. Come closer and I’ll tell you all about it….

Inspiring happy and confident children through storytelling

The Penguin Party is a truly personal book from Annabee’s Books based on the timeless story about children’s inner gifts. The story goes like this: On a magical island, a tribe of Rockhopper penguins are throwing a party for the arrival of a new baby (starring your child!). During the ceremony, some wonderful gifts are given to the child including happiness, gratitude, growth, acceptance, forgiveness and exploration.

The book is enriched with messaging that will help child cultivate a sense of self-worth and other values they need to feel good about themselves and live a happy and balanced life.

Personalised – but on a whole other level!

Personalised books are two-a-penny these days. But this book takes the personalisation aspect of a book to a whole new level. There are over 5,000,000 possible combinations, meaning that every single type of family can be presented whether you are a family of blended ethnicities like us, a single parent or same-sex couple.

I absolutely love the way that diversity and inclusiveness are celebrated through such a huge degree of personalisation – which isn’t something that I’ve ever seen in a personalised book before.

A precious response

Maybe it was the high degree of personalisation. Or maybe it was to do with the bestowing of beautiful gifts on my daughter’s baby self in the book. But whatever it was, The Penguin Party created a response in my daughter I had never seen before.

Not from a book. Not from anything.

She was emotional. And not in a way that a six-year-old might usually be emotional. But in a deep-down-in-your-soul way emotional. It was almost an adult response. I was amazed.

The Penguin Party had resonated with her in such an incredibly deep way. It had made her feel so uplifted, special, empowered and yet somehow humbled all at the same time. It was like someone had held up a mirror to her face and say “Look! Look at how incredible you are”. And she had seen and felt it. It was absolutely beautiful to see, and I was absolutely blown away by her response.

Final thoughts

In this crazy world we live in, we need all the help we can get as parents in raising happy, confident and resilient children. When it comes to teaching children great values in a way that will stick, The Penguin Party is a beautiful way of doing exactly that.

The perfect gift from any parent to a child, and one that they will want to read over and over. Or in my daughter’s words, “Mummy, can we read this every night?”.

Her face was glowing with happiness as I tucked her in that night. In the morning when she woke up she told me about her happy dreams. She told me “Mummy, I think it must have been because we read The Penguin Party last night”. I think Annabee’s Books’ mission to empower children and help them understand their own power and how special they has fully been accomplished right there.

Where to buy

The Penguin Party is available to buy direct from Annabee’s Books. Softcover £19.99/hardcover £24.99. It includes a free dedication and a full preview of the book before you buy. 

Get started and created your book here using the free shipping code FREE_SHIPPING_FOR_ME at checkout.


We’re really excited that we are passing on the gift of teaching children great values in this chance to win a copy of The Penguin Party for your family.

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  1. ^^^^forgot to add that all the values covered in the subject matter are all vital for wellbeing and development

  2. Sounds like a great book and I think it’s important to teach children honesty, determination, love, kindness, integrity, hard work, perseverance, respect, gratitude, curiosity and courage.

  3. Sounds a lovely book. It’s good to teach children about kindness, honesty, love along with a lot more of the values found in this book. Especially in today’s times with what is going on in the world today

  4. Sounds like a wonderful book! One value I think is really important for children to learn is empathy, but it’s so hard to teach!

  5. What a truely lovely idea for a book. My sister is due to have her first child in June and I think this would make a really sweet gift. What a great way to remind us what values are really important.

  6. This looks like a lovely read. There are so many things we need to teach our children from honesty, self discipline to being able to independent and values of life. It’s a long road – but always worth it.

  7. What a lovely book and what great ideas to teach children to be kind and thoughtful. I would love to give this to my granddaughter.

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