Thinking about returning to learning?

returning to learning

Being a mum is not easy. You have so many responsibilities now you’re a parent that you will have for the rest of your life. It’s a full-time job that has no downtime – and yet we welcome it, and accept that, because that’s all part of what being a mother is. And what a wonderful gift to have.

Sometimes though, because it takes over a lot of your life, you may have had to leave things in the past. You may have taken time off work, or packed it in all together so you can have more time with your baby. Or maybe you’ve had to cancel any courses you were doing for the same reason. But it’s important that you know that you don’t have to put your whole entire life on hold. You can still have a social life and a career, regardless of the baby you’ve just given birth to – you’re just going to have to work that little bit harder.

If you’re still not sure – here are a couple of ideas why it’s a magical idea to learn, again.

You can learn from home    

Did you know that you can get your grades online? You don’t even have to be apart from your child; you can do all the courses and training that you need from the comfort of your own home. This is great because it means that you can fit in your learning around your busy mama life. So maybe you have always taken an interest in finance, but then you got pregnant – well now you can find online mba finance programs. The possibilities are endless, so get looking online at courses that interest you, and work towards getting all the qualifications you need in order to bag your dream job in the future.

You may discover your true happiness

Leaning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a goal at the end. You can just do it to brush up on skills that you may have lacked learning because you didn’t have the time. Leaning can mean many different things; it doesn’t just entail endless amounts of studying. It may mean picking up a book that interests you – or doesn’t, and then a few pages in you may find yourself in this other world that you could have never dreamed of, and this can all be done while your little one is having a nap. Or maybe you may turn on the tv and watch a documentary about our oceans, only to find you have a fascination for the marine life, and you’d like to one day explore it yourself.

The point is, having a child doesn’t mean that the life you once had is gone. It just means you need to fight a little bit more to find your happy. It can come, and go, and change many times throughout your life, and that’s what makes it such an adventure.

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