What really happens to your vagina after childbirth (& what you can do about it)

vagina after childbirth

We all know it to be true – our vaginas are never quite the same after childbirth, and if you can put your hand on your heart and say yes, it is then a) you’re either lying or b) you must have amazing vagina genes.

Yes, our lovely little v bit takes on a whole new scary persona during pregnancy and don’t even talk about what happens in the weeks after childbirth.  And considering that – if you had a vaginal birth (or two, or three!) – you had to squeeze a small human through it, it’s really no wonder is it? So let’s introduce you to your new friend – your vagina – after squeezing one or a few out…otherwise known as childbirth.

Your vagina gets wider

Yup, say hello to your new wider vagina. Vaginas generally tend to feel wider, loser and well….more open after childbirth because you know, they have had to get VERY open during the process. Although they do generally settle down to some kind of new norm (fret not – it won’t be a canyon), it’s likely that your vagina will probably never be a carbon copy of what it was.

It therefore  may not feel the same during sex anymore

While it’s true that some lucky ladies may revert to their near-to-original vaginal self, those whose vaginas never seem to close up as much as you would want them to will have an inkling that sex with your partner just doesn’t feel quite the same anymore. Thanks to new wider lady bits, there is less friction to be had during intercourse, which ultimately means a loss of sensations and sob! pleasure.

You might leak pee

So we all know that our pelvic floor muscles have taken an absolute pummeling during childbirth (cue a lifetime sentence of kegel exercises), but apart from that, the other thing that happens which nobody seems to talk about is the dripping after you go for a pee! Remember when you used to go for a pee, due your wiping duties and then finito? No! Now you can be surprised by extra dripping from your V friend which doesn’t seem to know when finished means finished too. We have the general laxity joining forces with bladder weakness for that.

Now, how much this bothers you depends to what extent all of the above is affecting you. For some, it might be only just noticeable, so we march on with life. But what if things down below are REALLY bothering you? What then? In my opinion, I wouldn’t touch any kind of invasive surgery down there with a barge poll – more on that here about where I wouldn’t want a designer vagina.

But what about a non invasive treatment? Now we’re talking. So for any woman out there lamenting her pre-child vagina days listen up. Because I recently got wind of a new non-invasive treatment called Viveve – a vaginal rejuvenation treatment which you might want to know about.

Developed from the radiofrequency (RF) technology used in  Thermage skin tightening facial treatments, Viveve is a one-off, painless procedure. During the treatment, low-level RF energy is directed to the tissue located at the immediate opening to the vagina. This energy stimulates the growth of the collagen cushion and the tightening of the vaginal opening.

And here’s the thing – the treatment  takes around 30 minutes and requires no anaesthesia or prior preparation. It’s as simple as removing your underwear, having a quick spring clean down there, and donning a gown.

Then what? Well, once you’re all seated and comfy, a treatment tip, about the size of a thumb, is guided carefully into the opening of the vagina which emits a warm pulse of energy, following by a cooling sensation; and the alternate heating and cooling continues as the tip is rotated around the vaginal opening – often accompanied by relaxed conversation is a pleasant distraction from the procedure!

I am yet to experience the treatment first hand but if you ask me, this sounds like a much better option then someone effectively giving your lady bits the equivalent of a face lift down there.

Apparently, it takes up to a month for the treatment impact to be noticeable, and several months to achieve the full tightening effect which results in improved friction and translates to greater sexual sensation, with the flow-on effect being more enjoyment of sex and a better relationship. Hurrah!

It’s a one-off treatment that costs from £2,000 with the only downtime being the avoidance of using tampons or jumping right back in for some nookie (you’ll need to abstain for a couple of days after treatment when the area might feel tender).

So where can I do this and who is doing this?

Dr Lana Tattum (mother of 1, tried and tested patient of the treatment) is offering this in Ideal U Clinic in London, check out her website and she offers a free 30-minute consultation for any questions you may have. Being a mother and a doctor she has seen it all and wants to help mothers everywhere.

*This is a collaborative post 


photo credit: Velichko Pavel via photopin (license)


  1. Although I have my baba, I have no idea about any of this! I had a c-section, but I did worry about these sort of things leading up to the birth! Like it being wider than I could even imagine. I’m glad you’ve spoke about this! It’s very educational!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  2. The only bit of me that actually did manage to come out unscathed from 2 babies…!! Everything else is screwed, but hurrah-normal lady bits…!! It sounds a good treatment for anyone suffering though. X

  3. God designer vaginas make me shudder so this treatment sounds a lot less invasive. Its amazing what are bodies go through during childbirth but like you said there is after effects.

  4. I am so glad someone has addressed the reality of the post birth ‘lady bits’. I personally had such bad issues with pain etc that yes I had surgery (not the designer type but same thing without the designer intentions).
    I have to say I am so glad I did go for a fentons procedure as now things are totally normal again. I then had a c section second time around as once stung, twice shy and all that.

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