Vinyl flooring ideas for your home: from vintage to new age

Vinyl flooring has become an industry favorite among flooring enthusiasts and professional interior designers.

The reasons being not only for their durability, safeguarding and ease in installation and maintenance, but also in the vast volumes of styles and palettes available to choose from whether you choose boards or tiles.

Let’s delve into some styles and reason why vinyl is a better solution than having the real thing on your floors.

Light and Dark Wood Style

Dark wood flooring is incredibly popular with new age homeowners.

The look of a perfectly layered dark wood vinyl floor gives incredible reflection of light when clean, but dust is known to show up more on dark wood, whereas light loses a reflective quality but reduces the sight of dust.

Somewhere in between is a perfect tone which gives your floor a classical shine without looking like a community hall floor. Look into oak styles or even an ash style of wood to give a heightened sense of elegance and comfort.

Stone Style

Giving your home a touch of exotic richness with a stone styled vinyl floor is a popular choice and an investment in pure quality.

Without the threat of replacing damage or cracks in real stone flooring, vinyl offers a much cheaper and simpler alternative that is designed to last a lot longer than the real thing. The costs alone in installing and removing portions of real stone can put you out of pocket, whereas vinyl is a cost-effective alternative and able to be done between you.

Try looking at darker stone palettes for a rich powerful presence for your room or a lighter white stone to add a level of energy to your fixtures.

Classic and Innovative Tile over Ceramic

Ceramic styled vinyl offers a great deal of comfort over the real thing.

With vinyl you don’t have the installation and removal drama that real ceramic presents over time, as well associated costs in customizing ceramic to fit your room perfectly. Vinyl can come cut to measurement and can be easily installed and removed individually instead of taking up large sections of the floor.

Also having the pristine look of the real thing without having to worry about cracks and chippings is a huge bonus.

Comfort for All

If you have children and especially if you have pets, vinyl is a proven safer bet than other flooring alternatives.

Whether your child or pets are storming through the house or playing, vinyl is comfortable on their feet and reliable against most substances and challenges they could produce. Be it mud in the rain or scratches from toys and claws, your floor is protected and solid against the barrage of abuse most floors find too tough to erase.

Vinyl has also been a high recommendation for children’s bedrooms due to the durability and resistance to abuse and moisture.

Ask the Experts

With so many choices in vinyl, its no surprise that there are also many choices in suppliers of luxury vinyl flooring.

Amtico have unrivaled choice of quality for any and every room of your home from long lasting wood to Spacia Stone also giving you the freedom to mix and match to find the right mix and identity for your home. Luvanto is a supplier that offers exclusive collections of premium stylish woods and tiles such as Pace, Endure Pro and Herringbone which give a vibrant and energetic shine to those parts of the home that really deserve that little extra. Invictus offers realistic design patterns, hassle free maintenance and great collaboration with underfloor heating.

Whatever your personality requires for your home, whether you are old school or new age, vinyl flooring offers you the same either way; peace of mind, reliability and a home that provides warmth and comfort.

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