Why we shouldn’t forget the elderly

Do you ever feel like the elderly are forgotten? It’s a sad fact but our society suffers from a serious case of ageism. It’s as though once you pass a certain age, you become invisible to society. To my mind, this is just pure craziness seeing as this is the way we are all headed eventually. But why do we forget the elderly? Those people who are often frail, forgetful, dependent?

We all rush to buy anti-aging products to retain our youth, but eventually, we too will become frail, forgetful and dependent. And no amount of rushing to buy every single anti-aging product on the market is going to help us sidestep that one.

Supporting the elderly

So instead of trying to convince ourselves that old age isn’t our problem (which it most certainly is!), what if we all did our bit to support those who need it to enjoy a better quality of life once they enter their twilight years?

That’s exactly why I have recently been supporting our local community centre Linden Hall with their recent campaign to raise £8000 to provide the local elderly community that use the facilities there with new chairs. Chairs that will be comfortable and safe for them to use – often for periods of up to four hours of time in one sitting.

So far almost £1000 has been raised and the local community has rallied around, by getting the children involved in making a fundraising totaliser ready to celebrate the fundraising wins to date and those ahead too.

We can all do our bit

Helping the elderly doesn’t have to be hard and we can all do our bit. When my daughter E and I spent some time at our local community centre talking to the folks there you could see just how much they loved it. And it was a mutually rewarding experience at that. Just purely listening to them is an incredibly supportive act – and you might even learn a thing or two along the way! After all, people don’t just stop loving to have fun, talking and joking just because they grow old.

If we all spent an hour each week helping the elderly people around us, the future would look a lot brighter for everyone. So let’s not forget the elderly. Because one day it will be you and I who will be relying on the kindness and compassion of others.

You can support the Linden Hall chair appeal by donating here



  1. Yes. The elderly deserve to be Cared for, rather than forgotten. They once were young, may have worked, raised a family, baby sat for others, treated nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc. Looked out for friends, neighbour’s, etc.

    Community comes with a variety of individuals, and all matter. Now that family units tend to be smaller than previous decades. Most couples work, child care provision is increasing, it does seem that the elderly have unfortunately been forgotten :- Sadly.

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