6 pieces of jewellery every woman should own + #win!

jewellery every woman should own

Trends come and trends go, but when it comes to jewellery, although fast fashion can be tempting, there are certain timeless pieces of jewellery every woman should own. Although I don’t get to wear jewellery as much as I used to, I still take great pleasure in doing so – I love that feeling of instant glamour that jewellery gives an otherwise bedraggled stressed mum, and so whether it’s for a girly lunch, date night or just because….here are five pieces of jewellery every woman should own.

A gold necklace

There’s something about a gold necklace that is just so elegant. You can either wear it on its own or mismatched with whatever else takes your fancy for a more care-free look. I love this stunning Waterfall Necklace (£60) from Danish jewellery designer Pernille Corydon, which comes in gold-plated silver with 7 slim gold keys on a simple chain.
jewellery every woman should own

Image credit: Printer + Tailor

A diamond bracelet

What’s not to love about a diamond bracelet? This jewellery staple is the perfect delicate addition to any wrist and again is lovely worn either on its own or stacked with lots of other bracelets.  This Diamond Hearts Bracelet (£125) from Gemondo Jewellery features a marriage of 9ct white gold and beautiful diamonds decorating the inner heart motif, ensuring you’ll always be wearing your heart on your sleeve.

jewellery every woman should own

Picture credit: Gemondo Jewellery

A cocktail ring

For those days when you want a bit more than your wedding ring from F.Hinds, you need a cocktail ring too! This semi precious 24k gold plated Cocktail Ring (£24) from Lime Lace is the perfect way to make a statement with its large navy blue semi-precious stone don’t you think?

ewellery every woman should own

Picture credit: Lime Lace

Alternatively if you have a significantly bigger budget, you (or your loved one!) could invest in antique jewellery instead.

A vintage brooch

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for vintage brooches. I think they look so good pinned onto a fur coat or the lapel of an elegant wool coat. For a beautiful selection of vintage and antique brooches have a look at https://carusjewellery.com/.

A gorgeous watch

I have become a bit of a watch addict in the last couple of years as it’s the one piece of jewellery I feel like I can wear every day no matter how I feel or what I’m doing or wearing. One brand I’m loving right now is Nordgreen Watches which have a lovely collection based on Scandinavian design for both women and men alike.  I’m currently in love with their Infinity –  Rose Gold watch below (reasonably priced for a watch at £159). Don’t miss your chance to win a Nordgreen watch of your own in the giveaway below!

Picture credit: Nordgreen Copenhagen

Charm bracelets

What’s not to love about stacking up charm bracelets? I love these beautiful sterling silver beads and pretty charm bracelets (£22 each) from The Pink Pheasant which look fabulous worn on their own or with a mix of bracelets.

jewellery every woman should own

Picture credit: The Pink Pheasant

Gold earrings

For an instant luxe fix, gold earrings are always a sure fire.  These Orecchini SKIN Bronzo (250 EUR) earrings from Italian designer Giulia Barela are totally magical and inspired by the sinuous, enveloping body of the snake no less! jewellery every woman should own

Picture credit: Giulia Barela Jewerly

Diamond Earrings

Here’s one last bonus jewellery item to add to the list. Diamond earrings are fantastic accessories that can be used to complement various outfits and I personally find them to be very versatile.

This pair of earrings from Brilliant Earth features a natural inspired design with delicate branches that curve up the ear.

What do you think of this list of jewellery every woman should own? Would you agree with the above or would you include something else in it? Do share in a comment below.


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  1. Everyday I wear my wedding ring, stud earrings and little necklace. Would feel lost without these on.

  2. I love rings especially rubies or garnets and definitely feel something is missing if I leave one off. The same goes for my watch and as I have shattered the glass in mine at the moment I am without one and feel quite lost

  3. A pretty good list, I loved the Antique Jewellery idea, especially as some people get left family members jewellery which I think is the most treasured jewellery item you can own. On a daily basis a nice pair of earrings and necklace is a staple along with my rings and always will be.

  4. I think brooches are a little old fashioned now. I personally cannot be without my rings. I never take them off.

  5. I have to have my watch on because I’m always pushed for time and my earrings as I think they brighten my face up

  6. due to rhumatism my wedding ring no longer fits, so have to wear on little finger but at least I can still wear it!

  7. My must have pieces of jewelry are my gold stud earring as they go with everything and my hermes cuff bangle totally elegant

  8. It has to be my everyday earrings, I love them it adds a little sparkle to my face even on my tired mummy days 😀

  9. I don’t feel fully dressed without a pair of earrings. I can’t explain why; it just looks and feels odd.

  10. I am never without my late mum’s wedding ring which I’ve worn on my right hand since she died. I do love a nice watch, though, which is why I would love to win a Nordgreen watch. They have so many lovely designs and I’m very drawn to some of the wooden ones.

  11. I love the gold necklace in your picture. When I buy necklaces I’m sorry to say that the price tends to come first and the style comes second. I’d love to be able to buy a necklace for the style without worrying about the cost.

  12. Bracelets are my favourite, I don’t feel completely dressed without one. I think it’s partly because my arms are so long that sleeves are often too short and a bracelet helps to close the gap between cuff and wrist.
    Jane Willis

  13. A good pair of small hoops, any colour.
    the best pair I have are from M&S sensitive skin range, they were £2.50 in the sale and still don’t look faded!

  14. It used to be my grandmother’s engagement ring, but some added weight and it no longer slips on. These days I wear a Tiffany necklace my fiancé bought me. It was the first gift and I love it.

  15. Earrings for sure – I always wear earrings, they look great with my short spiky hair and I have a huge collection of silver and semi-precious stones earrings. I also wear beaded bracelets in assorted stacks in the warmer weather when I’m out in just a t-shirt and jeans – I have slim wrists but short stubby hands and they help balance things out a bit 😀

  16. I only wear a couple of rings and some earrings, but if I’m going out somewhere special then I’ll pop a nice necklace on too.

  17. I love wearing jewellery. I always wear my wedding band of course, but I do love my gold ankle bracelet. It’s so pretty, it has a butterfly charm dangling from it.

  18. I have a silver locket with a little purple heart my daughter gave me just before she died, so precious. My other daughter got me a silver pandora ring that I wear every day too.

  19. I always wear my wedding and engagement rings naturally but I also have to wear earrings and a watch every day. Just doesn’t feel right without them!

  20. Over 50 years ago less than 6 weeks after we met on a blind date it was my 21st. We got engaged secretly and I had a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring but daren’t show anybody as my parents would have said it was too soon! So, hubby bought be a silver locket for my birthday to show the world! I still wear it every day along with a replica of my engagement ring. The first one got very thin and the stones kept dropping out!

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