7 awesome ways to get your children eating avocado

get your kids eating avocado

I am a tad obsessed with avocado and have been to known to eat at least half an avocado on a daily basis (a whole one sometimes)! After all, not only is it an awesome superfood, it’s a lot more versatile than you think plus who doesn’t love a bit of mashed avocado on toast for a quick lunch? However, getting your children eating avocado – now there’s another story.

While my daughter used to chow avo like there was no tomorrow when she was weaning….then along came the toddler picky eating club and the notion that avocado is blurgh! has stuck with her ever since. Cue mum obsessing ways to get the good stuff into her. And so today I’m sharing some of my favourite ways to get your children eating avocado. As tried and tested by me! As you will see…the key is them er….not actually knowing there is avocado in it:

In an omelette

The key here is to blend up the avocado first into a smooth paste before adding it into a lovely cheesy omlette-y mix. I usually go with 1/4 cup of pureed avocado per three egg omelette but you can experiment with ratios to suit.

In a pasta sauce

Avocado pasta? Yup, it’s seriously creamy and dreamy. Just think of it as switching things up and using it instead of pesto (because hey! kids will eat anything with pasta right?). It also happens to be super quick to whip up. Check out this recipe here to make it.

In quesadillas

Quesadillas are the perfect way to sneak in all sorts of things – including avocado! Just try sneaking in a thin layer of mashed up avocado before you start laying up your other toppings. Check out how to rock a quesadilla here.

In pancakes

What the? Avocados in pancakes? Yes indeedy, and once again the secret here is to get them pureed up like a dream first. My daughter calls these “vanilla pancakes” and I’m not in a hurry to correct her – for obvious reasons. Hit up this avocado pancake recipe here.

In muffins

Avocado chocolate breakfast muffins? You better believe it mamas. I love making and freezing these for whipping out for breakfast in a hurry (um….every day then?). You can even combine with courgette for a double breakfast veggie dose as per this recipe.

In a smoothie bowl

And seeing as we’re on a breakfast tip, let’s talk smoothie bowls. In case you have been living under a rock – smoothie bowls are all the rage and are an amazing way of getting your kids to eat avocado when combined with banana and a bit of cocoa and honey. They also provide a great interactive element as your can set up a mini “toppings buffet” (think strawbs, raisins, Cheerios and whatever else they fancy) for the littles to help themselves to. Here’s how to make one.

In chocolate puddings

And lastly, my absolute favourite….basically the most decadent of healthy puddings – it’s basically like a slightly richer version of a smoothie bowl and believe me it’s absolutely luscious. Imagine! You convincing them to finish their dinner with the lure of avocado! Also fantastic freezed as a seriously decadent ice pop! I love this healthy recipe here.

So there you have it – my six favourite ways of getting your sproglets to eat avocado! Have you tried any of these?  Or if not which is going to be on your hit list first? Do leave a comment and share.

7 awesome ways to get your children eating avocado

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  1. Oh these are great !my lads don’t like it at all ! But they veg in pasta ,I reckon I could easily sneak this in too ! Toddler however is a picky one so I think for him it’ll have to be your chocolate recipe !!!
    Thanks for these !!

  2. My kids love avocado so much, they just gobble it down straight out the skin. I always need to buy twice as many as I need for cooking, as they literally come and steal it away from under my knife, lol.

  3. My two do eat incredibly well, but I can never get avocado into their diet. I’ll definitely be trying some of these ideas because it is such a good food to have as part of a balanced diet.

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