8 summer style essentials for busy mums + win!

summer style essentials

We have been so lucky to have an amazing summer so far, but when the weather is hot, there are certain things in your wardrobe that you just can not live without as a busy mum as far as I’m concerned. The secret to surviving the hot summer months is definitely dressing for it, and so today I’m sharing my summer style essentials for busy mums:

Some sassy shorts

If you can’t rock a pair of shorts during the heat of the summer, then quite frankly….when can you? The whole world is getting their legs out, so take a deep breath and get yours out too! I love these striped shorts from Shein (£7.99).


A playful playsuit

My summer outfit of choice hands down – the perfect way to keep cool and be practical in one fell swoop. Also requires zero thought about what else to wear with it because it’s all inclusive! A utility playsuit like this one from H&M (£19.99) is perfect for summer adventuring…. 

Some wannabe sunglasses

OK, I’m not implying you’re a wannabe (although maybe I am), but actually saying you need some wannabe sunglasses! And for those look no further than Smart Buy Glasses which have a fab range of sunglasses available. It’s also worth checking out their eyeglasses range too. 


A must have maxi dress

There’s nothing to make you feel more goddess than great big sweaty gorilla than a maxi dress. I’m a firm believer of fake it til you make it, and this maxi dress from ASOS (now £28) is the perfect way of feeling all gorgeous and floaty even when you’re feeling hot and harassed. 

A go to midi dress

Not a fan of the maxi? Then a midi dress may be more your bag. Essentially, “midi” means hanging to a length about halfway to your ankle from your knee. You can purchase a midi dress and wear it throughout the year, layering it up or down through the seasons as needed. Midi dresses also come in styles and patterns appropriate for everything from a walk on the beach to something more formal. All you have to do is select a dress made with the material and design you want and accessorize with a simple switch of your jewellery or shoes.

Some breezy trousers

Wide legged trousers are so easy to wear and a must have this summer. We love these Chloe Louise Gatta Cotton Trousers (£28) from Kit and Kaboodal which are easy to style and a flattering shape which will work for pretty much any figure. What’s not to love?

A dependable denim jacket

Because despite the fact you might be sweating by 1pm, those mornings can be nippy! Always have a trusty denim jacket like this one from M&S (now £15) within grabbing distance before you leave the house. 

Some shimmery sandals

I can’t resist a shimmery sandal during the summer months, but being a mum you do need something practical for all the too-ing and fro-ing. Something like these Silver Melbourne Sandals from Schuh (£29.99 in the sale) are just the ticket thanks to their secure fit and glam finish. Be sure to check out shoe offers on Groupon for fab discounts on summer footwear like this!

summer style essentials 5

All the statement tees

Not one – but preferably many! Because we all know an awesome statement tee can turn your outfit from blah to ta-dah! I love the statement tees at I Saw It First which are the perfect way of adding a bit of sass and style to your summer days. They are also an absolute steal – and I just can’t resist this “Moody” one at £8. t


So now you’re ready to put your best foot forward into the glorious sun so long as it lasts this summer! What are your summer style essentials? Do leave a comment and share. 


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  1. I do love a nice Maxi dress. The weather is so so hot at the moment that I would love to get some light cotton summer clothes.

  2. Summer essentials for me are floaty skirts and statement tees definitely! Love a maxi dress too but never ever shorts, not brave enough for that ha ha

  3. I love that play suit and those sandals!! I have been living in shorts for about two months now and I love getting the legs out, they need the sun as they are as white as ghosts after being hidden away in jeans for months! That statement tee is gorgeous xx

  4. I’m really excited because I have prescription sunglasses for the first time this year! And you’ve just reminded me that I have a maxi dress lurking at the back of my wardrobe.

  5. I could do with revamping my Summer wardrobe! I must admit this time of year I really live in my jumpsuits couldn’t be without them. I am not sure my legs would work with a playsuit!

  6. I get sunburnt easily, so it’s linen trousers, and long-sleeved cotton shirt and a big hat for me!

  7. Almaxi dress and pair of sandals that will do for the beach & the bar, that’s my summer staple outfit!

  8. Sunglasses, unfortunately they have to be expensive prescription ones so I can’t pick and choose them to match my outfit

  9. For me my summer essentials are several maxi skirts, I have horrid legs so no shorts for me! Lovely flowy tops and a choice of sandals and flip flops for every occasion, that and an umbrella because you never can tell in the lovely UK!

  10. I absolutely love those sunglasses and a maxi dress is a summer must for me, especially as I’m pregnant this summer 🙂

  11. I love a maxi dress as you can dress it up or down,
    Comfortable & stylish & with sandals it’s perfect for summer evening

  12. My essentials are my statement sunglasses and a funky pair of wedge sandals to dress up any Summer outfit

  13. my must have is definitely sunglasses. I wear them every time I leave the house. Unfortunately my little daughter has broken my recent pair, so I feel naked without them

  14. I am a big fan of natural fabrics so my first choice for summer is always cotton or linen – trousers, shorts and tops

  15. In the summer I wear loose dresses with sandals, I always keep my leggings and a cardigan on stand by though if it starts to get chilly.

  16. I’ve been wearing a lovely knee length striped skirt and also a white cotton blouse. The skirt has made me feel more feminie than my usual summer shorts and the white shirt has been comfortable and more stylish than my out of shape t shirts.

  17. Definitely sandals and sunglasses! I’m a bit of a vampire and hide away from the sun! I love it but it’s too bright for my eyes!

  18. I love a really soft, oversized long sleeved top in a pastel colour, a literal comfort blanket as I’m always the first to feel the cold! I love the photographed midi dress BTW!

  19. Unless it is over 35 degrees C I carry on wearing sweaters as I really feel the cold. If it does get hot, I might swap my sweater for a long sleeved T shirt and cardigan. I’ve never worn shorts or a summer dress in the UK, it doesn’t get warm enough.

  20. My summer staples are definitely maxi dresses and loose fitting jumpsuits! So easy to wear and nice and cool!

  21. My summer style essentials are a good, comfortable pair of sandels. I love wearing loose linen culottes…long and as shorts. Flowy blouses and tips with a fabulous sunhat and shades.

  22. A wide brimmed straw hat. I’m forever putting sun cream on the kids but always neglect myself. A big, shady hat keeps me cool and protected.

  23. My summer style essentials are a white t-shirt, a crisp white shirt, navy shorts, skinny jeans and a biker jacket

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