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shopping for a newborn baby

Thanks to online shopping, the days of struggling with shopping bags while trying to pacify a howling baby are long gone! Shopping online has given us access to a wide variety of stores and products, all from the comfort of our sofas. Unfortunately, being spoiled for choice also means that it’s tougher to find the best deal and you’re likely to second guess every choice you make which is why we have put together this guide to online shopping for a newborn baby to make what could be a stressful experience a whole lot of fun.

How to Shop Online for a New Born Baby

The list of new born baby must-haves may seem exhaustive but there’s no need to panic. Before you start shopping online, take a deep breath, calm down and remind yourself that you don’t need to walk down the aisles of a massive department store and that everything you need is just a few mouse clicks away. Here are a few online shopping tips to help you navigate online shopping.

Start with a List

Once you go online, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of baby products and you will end up overshooting your budget or buying things you don’t really need. A shopping list is a simple way to stay on track when shopping for your baby.

When creating your list of new born baby products, categorise each item as a primary or secondary requirement. For instance, nappies, feeding bottles and a cot are new born baby essentials and would be listed as primary purchases, while things like baby monitors and battery-operated swings would be secondary requirements.

shopping for a newborn baby

Read User Reviews

Most online shoppers simply check the rating of an item and don’t bother to read the reviews. When shopping online for your new born, make it a point to read at least a few of the reviews so that you can decide what will or will not work for you.

For instance, you might find a great travel system for your baby but once you read the reviews, you find that several users said that the system is fine for the boot of a car but too awkward to get on the bus. In this case, even though your item had a 4-star rating, it still wouldn’t be ideal for you if you plan on travelling by bus regularly.

Use Price-match Services

Many retailers offer a price-match service which is an easy way to get the best deal while shopping online. A price-match service simply means that if you find a cheaper price at another online store, you can approach the retailer and they will beat it.

In the UK,  John Lewis offers this services and in the US, J.C. Penny and Target offer similar services. In fact, J.C. Penny will shave off an extra 5% on prices for competing physical or online retailer while Target’s price-match guarantee also matches prices that are listed in print ads.

Don’t Shop for New Born-Size Clothes in Advance

Everyone will agree that baby clothes are just adorable but don’t shop for baby clothes until your baby is born. You might feel proud and well-prepared when you look at your stock of new born outfits but your baby may be born larger than average and might not be able to fit into all those cute outfits you’ve bought.

Instead of buying a cute mock-waistcoat onesie, invest in swaddling clothes as you will need these for the first 3-4 months. Additionally, you will probably get a lot of baby clothes from family and friends so it would be wise to shop as and when you need baby clothes.

shopping for a newborn baby

Don’t Buy Clothes that Go over Your New Born Baby’s Head

Putting clothes on a new born is scary enough without struggling to fit his head through the neck of a cute onesie. This can be a particularly daunting task if you’re a first-time parent. Instead it makes more sense to opt for round necks with snap button closures on the front or jumpsuits that come with zips.

Don’t Stockpile Nappies

Stockpiling enough nappies or pampers to fill an entire room may be great for comedic effect in movies, but it’s not a sensible choice in real life. There are plenty of brands and varieties to choose between and you can’t be sure of what you’re actually going to need. Just pick up enough to get you through a few days or a week at best.

And lastly..

Most importantly, don’t agonize over your shopping list or beat yourself up about what you might have missed. After all, it’s better that you put off a few purchases for later, rather than buy stuff that your baby doesn’t really need.


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  1. Baby wipes are the most handy! We’ve got a car packet, a bedroom packet, a downstairs packet & a packet in my bag at all times lol x

  2. First time here and baby is due in March 2020. Literally completely clueless but all my friends with kids have said a Tommee Tippee prep machine was their life saver!

  3. I have a 3 month old baby and my newborn essentials were definitely bibs, wipes pads for the changing mat to save any toilet going on to clothes and nappies!
    I only bought a small bundle of clothing as the baby grows out of them so quickly!
    You will need plenty bibs!

  4. My top newborn baby essentials were always bibs – cotton scratch mittens – Soft Cotton baby vests no sleeves and nice soft cotton baby grows.

  5. My number one baby item other than the usual babygros and wipes was a set of swaddles which I used every day. Next most important was a sling or similar baby wearing garment so I could wear baby while I got on with things around the house or out shopping.

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