How to choose a carpet for the bedroom

carpet for the bedroom

We all know that carpets give warmth and comfort to every room. The most important thing is not its cost, but how well it is selected and how well it combines with other details, colours and lines in the interior. A properly selected carpet will provide comfortable living in a bedroom, a nursery or a living room. Let us look at a few simple points that will help you make the right choice when buying a bedroom carpet.

When choosing a carpet for the bedroom, you have to consider different factors – the size of the room, what type of flooring is laid under the carpet, the colour of the walls of the room, etc.

You should also consider what method you will choose for maintaining it – whether you will use professional deep carpet cleaning services or you would prefer to do the carpet cleaning yourself.

If you suffer from allergies or if you have pets, you’d better go for buying a short fibre carpet, which is easier for cleaning. Money is also an important factor – determine exactly how much money you can spend on this purchase. However, keep in mind that you cannot expect to get a quality carpet for a very limited budget.

Buy a carpet for the purpose of the room

The colour and shape of the carpet will mainly determine the space of the room. Determine for yourself what role the carpet will play in your bedroom, should it be “noticeable” or be “calm” in pastel colours? If we consider the bedroom specifically, then it is better for it to buy a carpet of lighter pastel shades. A large carpet with a long pile will look more profitable, it will give the atmosphere softness and intimacy.

Moreover, in an adult bedroom, the carpet does not require such regular care as the carpet in your children’s room, so you can be bold when choosing a carpet for that special room!

Choose a carpet depending on the size of the bedroom

Carpets can be divided into three groups: small, medium-sized and large. Can you really buy a carpet for the bedroom, depending on its size?

– Small carpets give revitalization to a bedroom, as a rule, they are located near a bed, an armchair or a fireplace and represent a cozy island. Coming out of the bathroom it is always comfortable to step onto a soft mat rather than onto a cold tile.

– Medium carpets will allow you to visually divide the room and highlight a rest area in it.

– Large size carpets can change the design of the whole room. It is important to observe the proportions of the carpet and the room, otherwise you will get an unpleasant ripple if the carpet covers the entire floor space of the room.

Choose the right colour for the carpet in your bedroom

The drawing or pattern of the carpet is one of the most important points when choosing it. A carpet of warm tones is more suitable in a dark bedroom. For bright southern rooms, carpets of cold colours are more suitable. For a dark laminate, linoleum or other coating, buy a light carpet that will contrast well and will not create overload. For a light floor covering, buy a carpet of light tones that will match the tone of the floor.

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