7 things in your bedroom that can cause stress

cause stress

It’s safe to say that as parents we spend a lot of time feeling stressed. But did you know that your bedroom set up could actually be adding to those stress levels? Believe it or not, if your bedroom isn’t set up the right way, it can cause stress impacting your general mood. 

An old, lumpy mattress

Nine times out of ten, if you’re feeling tired and stressed, it’s probably something to do with your mattress. Your mattress is a key part of your bedroom. It needs to provide the right level of comfort. If it’s not providing solid support then you could start to develop issues with chronic pain. It’s a serious problem and it will cause you to be more irritable and feel stressed about small things. 

Most people think that a mattress is a one size fits all type of purchase. This isn’t the case at all. For instance, some people will require a firmer mattress while others will need a softer variety. You can even get mattresses that are soft on one side and firmer on the other for each respective partner. 

The problem with mattresses is that a quality one is quite expensive. However, it’s definitely worth the investment due to the benefits it will bring. The good news is that companies like New Horizons can provide the loan that you need to ensure that you are able to access a fantastic mattress and pay the cost at a later date. 

Electromagnetic energy 

Are you having issues with getting a good night of sleep? This can definitely cause stress as we all know too well. You won’t have the energy you need to provide everything your kids require from you through the day. It’s a serious problem and one that you may want to rectify. 

To do that, you need to understand what’s stopping you from falling asleep. Well, the good news is that you probably are getting to sleep. However, you aren’t getting a quality level of rest. Usually, this is because you’re not falling into a deep enough sleep. If you wake up with a small sound or sudden movement, this is a clear sign that you are not gaining a good night of rest. You will still feel exhausted in the morning. 

Believe it or not, the culprit here could be your tech. Studies have shown that the electromagnetic energy produced by tech products like your phone and your laptop can impact your sleep patterns. For this reason, you should consider switching the tech off before you sleep. As tempting as it might be, you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping with any tech in bed with you. You should also try and resist checking your phone in the middle of the night. It could be the reason why you are feeling higher stress levels than usual. 

The wrong shades

It is worth thinking about the colors that you are using to decorate your bedroom and indeed the rest of your property. Did you know research has shown that different shades have an impact on our mood? It’s true, employers constantly consider the psychological impact of colors when designing offices. So, you should do the same for your bedroom. For instance, green inspires creativity whereas red can actually make you more prone to losing your temper. A butter-yellow can be a soothing color or failing that it’s best to stick with the cream. 

So, you should do the same for your bedroom. For instance, green inspires creativity whereas red can actually make you more prone to losing your temper. A butter-yellow can be a soothing color or failing that it’s best to stick with the cream. 

Cream has other benefits too. It helps ensure that your home looks clean and clear when it’s time to sell. However, it can make the room a little too light and that’s a problem that’s definitely worth considering. 

Too much light 

This is another issue that could be leading to a serious lack of sleep or at the very least restless nights. Innate forces mean that we as humans are programmed to sleep at night or in the dark. Tech companies have even started to catch onto this idea with different settings that are more appropriate for night use. 

However, the main issue you’ll face with light is slithers creeping in through the curtains. If you are facing this issue, then there’s an easy solution. You just need to make sure that you invest in blackout blinds. These are ideal for keeping the light out and ensuring that your bedroom stays dark. It could help you reach the deeper levels of sleep and ensure that you get the quality level of rest that you desperately need. 


We’ve mentioned before about the issue of clutter. Too much clutter in a property can most certainly cause stress. There are even studies to show that a significant level of clutter in your property is enough to cause issues with productivity and performance on certain tasks. With a clear bedroom, you’ll have a clear mind. 

Clutter builds when you accumulate too many different pieces of furniture and accessories with little to no space for them. In no time at all, they can start to fill up the floor and even hangover the shelves. 

So, how do you clean up the clutter in your bedroom and destress this area? Well, there are a few possibilities and we’ve already mentioned one. You can consider using the space above the floor. Adding some more shelving will be a brilliant idea as long as you don’t accidentally close off space. 

The wrong energy 

Could the energy flow of a room be impacting your stress levels? Experts believe it does and if you are worried about this, then it’s worth researching a few blogs on the energy or interior decor. The concept suggests that there are certain areas of a room that need to be accentuated or left free and open from the furniture. Though it might sound a little bizarre many people believe that the energy of a room can have a massive impact on stress levels

Noise pollution 

Finally, you do need to think about the noise pollution that is coming through to your bedroom. This too can be enough to disturb your rest and impact a place that should provide serenity. It’s easy to soundproof a room though and there are lots of DIY videos that provide tips on how to do just that. 

Do you recognise any of the above factors that cause stress in your bedroom? Or perhaps you’ve noticed other factors in your bedroom that cause stress Do share in a comment below.


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