Every parent should teach their children these 10 things

parent should teach their children

A child’s very first teacher is their parent. Whether it’s mum or dad, a parent teaches their child to walk, talk, feel, empathise, learn, ask, demand – you name it, we teach it to our children. They are the products of our love, our guidance and our wisdom, and as humans, we guide our children to be better people from the moment they begin to learn to crawl. But what are the things every parent should teach their children to help them get the best out of life?

To be a good parent, we have to raise healthy, happy and secure human beings. To do that, we have to teach them well and offer them the right lessons through life. Many of the lessons we learn from a young age come directly from our parents, and while we shape our own opinions and moral codes through life, we still get our basics of human emotions and learning from our parents.

So, with that in mind, we are going to take you through ten things that every parents should teach their children if they want to let them fly the nest one day. Let’s take a look


People tell you not to pick up your baby when they cry because you’ll “create a spoilt child who wants to be held.” And what is wrong with that? When you cry or feel sad, would you want to have your partner walk into the room and then walk away because you are fed/warm? No, you would want to be held. If you would pick your crying child up in the day, do it through the night and any other time, they need it. This is how you start to give them the affection that they need. Children need to know that you’re going to respond to their needs, as when they do, they are secure and happy. This is where it begins: with those first cries.


You are a parent, and you have given your child life. This doesn’t mean that you can demand their respect; you still have to earn it. You have to teach your children about the way that they should interact with others and how to be kind and polite. People say “respect your elders”, but if elders are not behaving in a way that is worth respecting, then it’s more prudent to teach your children that they can be polite without feeling respect.

About death

If there is one thing that is certain for every single living thing on this planet, it’s death. It’s a taboo subject for many people, afraid to talk out loud about death in case they somehow put a juju on their heads and invite Death in. It doesn’t work that way. Children need to know death is a part of life, from the moment of death to the role that a funeral home plays in the end. It prepares them for what’s to come for certain, and it gives you the chance to teach them a new lesson.

To always help others

Humans need other humans. We are not built for isolation or loneliness, and so we should teach our children why helping others is so important. Start with household chores and helping each other, and then helping their friends and those around them. This is something that should be ingrained into them from a young age.


This doesn’t refer to their belongings, but their actions. Whether good or bad, children need to learn to own their actions and apologise for their behaviour from a young age. This can help them to manage their expectations of themselves if they can recognise what they are feeling. Knowing how to diffuse arguments can help them from a young age, so this is a big lesson to teach your child.


Teach your children to strive for every single thing that they want in life. Hard work is the key to success, and imparting this message into your children is so important. When your children show an interest in something, feed it! Drive them forward and help them to be determined.

Importance of learning

Children are often forced to sit at desks and learn from a very young age. While it may look like your child is a genius, it’s just a reflection of being forced to remember things that they aren’t ready to remember. Children learn best through reading with you and through play. Encourage it. Feed it. Read to your kids and enjoy it. They will love to be able to share that with you, and they’ll feel secure and confident to learn on their terms. 


Some parents out there don’t allow their children to be children, getting them to do chores from a young age. Here’s the thing: children can still be children and still pick up their toys and put them away. There is nothing wrong with children learning to be responsible for their messes.


There is a lot in the world right now about mental health in children. The exposure to social media and the worries about individuality are all prevalent. Teaching your children how to love themselves is so essential for a secure and happy future. Start young, and they’ll always know that they can turn to you for help!


Children are generally filled with wonder and curiosity and a level of fearlessness that grown-ups cannot match. You want to keep that fire burning. Keep them feeling fearless and bold and excited to take on the world. Your child is a reflection of you, and it’s for this reason that parenting is a big task. Children are there to be moulded, and you can start at a very young age. 

Parents have to teach their children to be happy, secure individuals, and it starts as young as possible. The more you can show your children young, the happier you will all feel knowing that you have been able to let your children out into the world as educated and secure individuals. Teaching our children right from wrong is our first priority.

What do you think of this list of things a parent should teach their children and is there anything else you would add to this list? Do leave a comment and share.


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