How to eliminate September stress and escape the frazzle

September stress
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Too Blessed to Be Stressed
Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Today I wanted to talk about September stress. It’s widely known that September is one of the most stressful times of the year. After a long summer of freedom, it is a time of transition, where families need to return to a more established routine. In an American survey conducted by Zulily, 51% of the 6000 respondents reported that getting their child up and ready to go in the morning was amongst their top three concerns and a major contributor to September stress.

Regaining calm

My friend and colleague Tamara Donn first started supporting busy mums back in 2017, when she ran a 30-day challenge which promised to help mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids and get more done.  

What astounded her was that not only did the challenge do what it said on the box, the feedback included:

·        Not needing a glass of wine or bar of chocolate at the end of the day

·        Waking up refreshed again feeling happy for the first time in ages

·        Aches and pains disappearing

·        Not spending money on themselves to make them feel better because they felt so good

·        Partners asking them what they’d been doing because they seemed so happy

·        And more!

Having worked with hundreds of mums, she knew the benefit of one-to-one work but was astounded at how effective it is just spending 5 minutes a day watching one of her videos for 30 days could have on the lives of these mums and their families.

Releasing September stress, overwhelm and exhaustion

Tamara’s desire to spread the word more widely, led her create a new Frazzled to Fabulous Mums Club that takes teaches even the busiest of mums step by step to release their stress, overwhelm and exhaustion so that they can give their children the best version of themselves, even on the school run, at meal times and bed times, without losing it and feeling guilty!

You can find out more and sign up here.

Signing up to this club will support you to:

·        Crush the school run without losing it with your kids!

·        Release stress and overwhelm, often within minutes 

·        Learn how to get back on track when life goes pear-shaped 

·        Learn a powerful parenting tool 

·        Teach your children an empowering tool they can use for the rest of their lives 

·        Make a difference to the next generation 

·        Create a new life-changing habit

Enjoying being a mum

Its goal is to help you finally find a solution to your mum stress so that you can enjoy being a mum, even when you are busy!

You can find out more and sign up here.

Here is some feedback from mums who have worked with Tamara:

“I can’t rave about Tamara’s programme enough. She is incredible in bringing frazzled/ stressed women together and tapping with them on a daily basis. All of that stress and chaos that you feel is insurmountable becomes manageable in a very calming way. It was life-changing for me in so many ways”, Natalie Bachiri

“As a business owner, homeschooler, & wife to a husband with limiting disabilities it spoke to my feeling of CONSTANTLY being overwhelmed. Sometimes that overwhelm led to feelings of hopelessness that I’ll never get ahead, and feelings of resentment that I never get a break. I experienced occasional insomnia, fatigue, depression… I was a bit concerned that even the challenge would feel overwhelming but I KNEW it would be helpful…AND IT WAS. Tamara led topics including feeling overwhelmed, shifting perspective, focusing on gratitude and other emotions. I even discovered that I had feelings of guilt that I was unaware of, buried below my consciousness! This programme helped me recognize it AND resolve those feelings so I could productively address what caused the feelings of guilt. “, Jamie Lynn Fisher

“I really did feel so much benefit from the programme and Tamara is a guiding light throughout it all. Very uplifting and only take around 5 minutes a session, but I noticed that on the very odd day I didn’t do it how much easier I could become frazzled/anxious. It is now something I want to incorporate into my life.” Julie

If you’d like to discover for yourself how you can release your frazzles in order to feel more fabulous, then register today for this transformational programme!

Sign up here.

I’m excited to be sharing this programme with you, and I can’t wait to see how transformational it is for you in helping you to eliminate September stress and more.

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