How to make the perfect Christmas Eve Boxes for your kids

You may have finished your Christmas shopping ready for your kids to tear open on Christmas Day, but what about the night before? A new trend has arrived, and we love it. Christmas Eve Boxes are becoming more and more popular among families. Who doesn’t want to open just one present before Christmas? These boxes can be made to suit anyone as what goes inside is completely up to you. From fluffy socks to popcorn and hot chocolate, there are millions of things you could include in your child’s Christmas eve box, even on a budget. Here are some of our favourite ideas:


The first and most important thing to put in your children’s Christmas Eve boxes: new pyjamas. We all love going to sleep on Christmas Eve in brand new Christmas pyjamas ready to wake up early the next day. Chances are, you’ll be in your PJs until dinner!

If you really want to get in the Christmas spirit, why not get matching pyjamas for the whole family? You can buy pyjama sets from retailers such as Primark or Next, which are sure to put smiles on your children’s faces without breaking the bank. If you want to do that bit extra, why not buy fluffy socks or slippers to go in the box too? You can never be too festive!

Gift Cards

If you’re stuck on small gifts or running out of ideas, a gift card may be the perfect way to go. Gift cards are especially useful for older kids to spend a lot of time on Xbox, as you can get an Xbox Gift Card ready to use online or include in the box.

If your teens are more into clothes than toys, there are vouchers available for top retailers such as New Look, Topshop and Primark. There is a range of gift cards for hundreds of different brands available on, so whatever your child loves, you are sure to find a gift card for them to make that Christmas Eve box really exciting.


Putting games in their Christmas eve boxes will not only amuse your children but can entertain the whole family. Instead of spending Christmas eve on smartphones why not put a board or card game in your children’s Christmas eve box so you can all enjoy it as a family? This is not only a fabulous present idea but a great way to encourage your kids to spend time with you.

Our family favourites are Monopoly and Uno, but for younger kids, some games to try would be snakes and ladders or fun games like Buckaroo. These are all available at toy stores across the world and online. You could also include gift vouchers for stores such as The Entertainer if you’re really stuck on what to buy.


Next on the list is a choice of sweet treats to throw in your Christmas Eve boxes this year. Why not include some hot chocolate and marshmallows to share while watching their favourite Christmas movies? If you know what your children’s favourite snacks are, treat them to a bag of sweets or a chocolate bar (or two!).

For parents who prefer the healthier option for their children, why not choose a snack bar or popcorn instead?  Whatever you choose to throw in, they are guaranteed to light up when they open this box full of Christmas treats.


There are some really love craft activities and sets available from retails like Baker Ross or The Works – think thing like Christmas lanterns, wreath making, make your own slow globes or Christmas colouring activities. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could even go with a gingerbread house kit!

Older Kids

It can often be difficult to think of gifts for older children, especially those maturing into their teen years. Although they are sure to still love sweets and pyjamas, you may want to include something a little bit extra. For older boys, Xbox gift cards seem to be a winner every time. If they are not into gaming, find out what they do like and get creative.

For older girls, turn the Christmas Eve box into a Christmas pamper box. Include bubble bath, face masks or bath bombs to make them (and the box) smell delicious. Christmas sets can be bought from hundreds of places, but our favourites are The Body Shop sets and Lush bath bombs. You may also want to include extras such as nail polish or makeup, but it is all up to you!

What will you be putting inside your children’s Christmas Eve Boxes this year?


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