Rediscovering a sense of self with jewellery

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“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”, said Elizabeth Taylor. Well, she should know, as she had plenty of it! But what if we could all tap into a little bit of that feeling? What if jewellery could be the one little thing to help us rediscover our sense of self in motherhood?

One of the biggest things I struggled with in my early motherhood years was my sense of identity, and quite honestly truly rediscovering that sense of self – or should I say recovering it – has taken years.

I was thinking about those times pre-motherhood when I would wear jewellery every day because I had the time, and mental bandwidth to actually put some on, and how I’m ready to be that person again.

We’ve known for years that jewellery is the perfect way to make a statement, to express who we are whether you choose to do that in a more understated introvert way, or a go-all-out extrovert way. The most beautiful thing about jewellery in my opinion is that it helps us rediscover our sense of self in motherhood in a small but very personal way. The simple act of choosing a piece of jewellery – the colors, the designs, the type of piece – gives you the ability to express your artistic inclination, your preferences and inclinations and make a statement about your personality.

It can attract comments where often you might just go unnoticed because you are busy fulfilling one of the many roles you play in your life and in motherhood. In short, jewellery can say a lot about who you are, what you like, and even what you believe in. And it feels good to have the chance to reflect on that and reconnect with ourselves in doing so.

Introducing Lily Blanche

I was recently invited to choose some jewellery from Lily Blanche and it really opened up that door that had for a long time been closed in motherhood. The door where putting on some jewellery helps us claim a little bit of style – whether consciously or subconsciously, whether we choose to do it subtlety, or not so subtlety.

If you haven’t heard of Lily Blanche yet then I am pretty sure you will want to! They take vintage jewellery designs and give them a modern twist by combining them with outstanding 21st-century design. They use only precious metals, real gemstones and pearls in their pieces which are made in their studio in Stirling as well collaborating with small teams of artisans in the UK and abroad for specialist techniques. These are all people they know personally, and the collaborations have often developed from personal friendships.

Running through all the Lily Blanche collections are the themes of sentiment and meaning, of celebrating life and expressing love, and that is truly what I feel with my choice of three rings. For the longest time, I’ve wanted a trio of stackable cocktail rings that I could wear every day, but also equally also going out and special occasions and this is exactly what they are. Pieces that would collect meaning, memories and love and eventually be something that I had down to my daughter to become as an heirloom of tomorrow.

Selecting the rings

I’ve always had a love of rose quartz, and really wanted to stack their Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring along others for dramatic effect. I love the colour combination of blue and pink, so opted to stack this along with a Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring as well as a Green Amethyst Cocktail Ring, all of them in a good vermeil setting (£85 each). The colour combination looks stunning together, and all the gems have a fantastic clarity, depth of colour and luminosity. I also love that Green amethyst is known for its protective qualities and often given to those embarking on a journey, which feels right for my journey of rediscovering my sense of self.  All of Lily Blanche’s Luminous Gemstone cocktail rings are designed to interlock but you can also wear them singly, as well as in twos or threes.

There is something so uplifting about wearing these rings. Maybe because the mere act of doing so feels like I’m giving myself permission to do something for me, and for my sense of self. Or maybe because they are just so beautiful to look at.

What do you think about wearing jewellery as just one way you can help to rediscover your sense of self, and what do you think about the rings from Lily Blanche? Let me know in a comment below.


  1. Oh I love Lily Blanche and have a few pieces now. I was always a jewellery wearer before children, then I stopped whilst they were babies for fear of them getting broken or me catching the kids with them but now they are older I am back fully embracing it all 🙂

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