The challenges women face today + #WIN a Garmin Vivosmart 4

challenges women face today

If you’re reading this now – and knowing that most of my lovely readers are women (although not exclusively I know), you will be acutely aware that being a woman these days can be a very tough gig. When it comes to the challenges women face today – know this, they are very real and most certainly not a figment of our imaginations.

The challenges women face today deserve a deep dive look, and that’s why I’ve teamed up with the lovely Nick Blanchard at Contego Life, quite possibly one of the friendliest, approachable and truthful insurance agents I know, to shout loud about the challenges women face today.

The Chartered Insurance Institute recently launched a report which focused on insuring women’s futures. Although we have come such a long way as women, it’s clear from the report – and also from what I personally know to be true – that as women we also have a long way to go. Here are some of the biggest challenges women face today:

Our relationship with money

When it comes to confidence in managing our money, there is still a huge gender gap. In the report, only 37% of women aged surveyed 18-24 feel very confident managing their money, compared with 48% of men. Over half of women surveyed say they do not understand enough to make decisions about retirement savings, compared with 38% of men.

I have to admit, this is something I can really relate to. When it comes to financial risk taking, it all just makes me feel pretty anxious!

challenges women face today

Our role as carers & the flexible work struggle

As women, we take on the majority of caring responsibilities for
children as well as elderly relatives which compromises our earning potential and financial security.

And then there’s the whole issue of flexible work. Although flexible work has become a bit of a buzz word of late, as far as I’m concerned, there is still a LOT more that needs to be done. I am sure many of you reading this know that as women, sure – we may be going back out to work but we also continue to bear the brunt of domestic tasks and family admin – women still do twice as much housework and childcare as men (36 hours per week).

Despite changing attitudes to women and work, with 43% of people believing mothers should work part time. 61% of returning mothers opt to work part time, although this has a huge impact on women’s earnings and career progression (part time women earn 30% less per hour than full time) impacting savings and pensions provision.

challenges women face today

The women’s health crisis

I personally, have struggled with some pretty major health battles and it pains me to see that even though women are more health conscious today than they have ever been before, they are increasingly exposed to health risk through diet and obesity, as well as suffering rising levels of mental illness – 53% women in their 30s and 40s have suffered mental health conditions.

With women being less financially resilient and with relatively little savings cushion (worryingly, a third of women in their 30s say their money would not last a month if they lost their main source of income), meaning they are more vulnerable to themselves, their partners or family members becoming ill.

challenges women face today

The cohabiting pitfall

This is one I am very guilty of. We are not married – but cohabiting. We are part of the trend of increasing rates of cohabiting (nearly a quarter  of 30-34 year olds do). Over a third of people mistakenly believe cohabiting couples have the same rights as married couples in the event of break ups.

I know we do not, however I find the prospect of marriage very unappealing. I know this leaves me at risk as a woman and mum, yet regardless I still remain part of the doubling in number of cohabiting families over the last two decades. This leads me on nicely to….

challenges women face today

Divorce and separation

If you have been divorced or separated before, you will know that divorce and separation can have a significant short and long term impact on not only women’s health and well being but also earnings potential and savings. 1 in 3 married people divorce by their 15th anniversary, 65% of divorced women have experienced mental health issues and 45% are in debt. Moreover,  86% of lone parent families are headed by women, making it harder for women to return to work and climb back up the career ladder.

challenges women face today

As someone who has struggled with many of the challenges women face today – especially on the health front –  one thing I know is that we simply can not take any of the above for granted as women. To begin with, I can not tell you much I wished I had taken out health care insurance to at the very least help protect me from the health curve-balls life has thrown me as a woman.

What are your thoughts on the challenges women face today and how do you go about protecting yourself from them? Do leave a comment and share.

To find out more about enjoying protection and peace of mind for you and your loves ones  – whether it be life insurance, health insurance, critical illness or income protection –  contact Nick Blanchard at Contego Life today to help you find the right cover.

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  1. My hubby and I lived together for a few yrs before we married in 1988. I over heard my mother inlaw saying that I was living there till Brian came to his senses. I had put a lot of money and hard work into the house so went to the CAB. I was told without proof of my money going into the home I could be left with nothing. I was advised to get married to protect myself. When I told Bri he went out and booked the Registry Office.

  2. I am most concerned by the women’s health crisis, but also about being a positive role model for the next generation and breaking down stereotypes that limit women

  3. I’m most concerned about my children and what is to offer in this country. As far as I’m concerned if something happens to me I don’t think my children have the backup they need if anything goes wrong.

  4. I too find financial risk taking makes me anxious. I’m surprised at the number of people cohabiting, it certainly can be quite risky to do so, especially as a woman. I’m married but definitely see some of the challenges women face today.

  5. I am a carer for my husband and son so the all-day stress tracking facility on the Garmin Vivosmart 4 would be very useful as I would know when I need to take a break.

  6. I am aware of many people my age who cohabit as there’s just not enough benefits to being married . Well they say do but I’m married lol I like the security of knowing he can’t just scarper

  7. Mental health is a massive issue. Across the board it needs a revamp in Britain. There are more and more people crying out and not enough services and a lack of knowledge to help.

  8. We’re concerned about the crisis in care in the UK especially with an aging population and the rising costs of private care vs strained NSH care options. better start saving!

  9. Women want to do it all these days and it’s really hard work. There is so much pressure to be perfect .

  10. I actually think that women are in a much better position these days than when my grandparents / parents were young. My mum co-habits with my step dad but they have drawn up legal agreements so if anything happens it will all be split fairly

  11. The cohabiting pitfall – we cohabit too, we love it, and have no plans to change, marriage is just not our bag! But I really wish there were more legal rights

  12. I am so pleased this post has opened up the conversation around these issues – there are some serious things we need to take into consideration as women! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway xx

  13. Wow I was surprised to read that 1 in 3 divorce! As a divorcee myself I found this really interesting, and the whole post has really opened up conversation – well done you!

  14. This is very interesting to read, I am completely reliant on my husband. Which is not really a good place to be in because if something bad happened or we split I would be in a bit of a pickle! We have life insurance but after my recent health issues I too wish I had health insurance too

  15. Worrying & our Mental health service struggles, I feel for the future of our generations.Mental health issues is my main concern

  16. The health crisis because it is the most important but it is worrying that there are only so many ways you can ensure good health yourself, some things are not preventable

  17. i worry for the future of women, as automation removes jobs men may be defualt employee of choice for cultural and sociaetal expectation reaosns

  18. I relate to The women’s health crisis most especially since I suffer from arthritis all over & I’m looking at trying more natural remedies. But it impacts just about everything I want to do.

  19. I too am in the cohabiting category as marriage doesn’t interest me either, it is far more common nowadays not to bother

  20. My main concern is women’s health. I am now in a position to put a lot of time and effort in looking after it but I wish I had started years ago.

  21. Totally relate to the health side! I’ve had several surgeries over the last few years, having a huge impact on our finances and putting immense pressure on my husband to pick up the slack! I’ve now switched from self employed to employed to try and alleviate the burden if we are unlucky enough to have another problem!

  22. My main concern is definitely around mental health issues. There just isn’t the right amount of services in place.

  23. For me its the work life balance aspect. I work full time and have a good job as does my hubby but I end up having to juggle school drop off/pick ups , homework and housework on top. My way of de-stressing is to go out running at night. It is the best way to clear your head. Would love a garmin to record my progress with running x

  24. The relationship with money. The gender pay gap is alive and kicking – whilst progress is being made, there is still much to do before women get financial equality with men in the workplace as a whole!

  25. For me it’s the women’s health crisis. I worry a lot about breast and cervical cancer and think how my children would live without me x

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