The crazy Christmas pressure to do EVERYTHING this festive season

Christmas pressure

You know it, I know it. Christmas is becoming not only the season of giving but also the season of seeing, doing and going. Thanks to social media it seems like everyone else on the planet have got their diaries rammed full of visits to see THE most magical father Christmas experience, the must-see panto of the year, charming Santa train rides and mesmerizing Christmas lights and winter wonderland experiences like those you’ve never seen before. And don’t forget the ice skating rink and the promise of breaking your ankle!

The Christmas pressure to do everything this festive season is in full effect

Bloody hell, I feel exhausted at the mere thought of trying to jam all of these “must do” things into the next few weeks. But why am I even considering this as a prospect seeing as a) it will probably leave me totally skint and b) like I need to go and lie down in a dark room for a few weeks to recover.

Failing at the magic of Christmas?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the festive season. But probably thanks to social media and the general sense of FOMO that it creates, it feels like unless we are nailing all of these Christmas experiences, then quite frankly – we are not living up to expectations as parents.

Yes, we must be everywhere, do everything, see everything, experience EVERYTHING.

And you thought the actual day was bad enough!

My goodness, if we all thought that the Christmas pressure to have a good day on the actual big C day was bad enough, we have weeks running up to it where we all feel as though we should be living the Christmas dream….and then feeling like we are constantly not doing enough.

Oh yes and that’s all on top of the mindboggling-ly long Christmas to-do lists we are all furiously adding to every day. Thanks, Hurrah for Gin for nailing our overall sentiment about this one so perfectly….

Hey, relax!

But here’s the deal. Christmas is going to be here next year and years to come. This isn’t our last shot at Christmas. So consequently, we don’t need to behave like the apocalypse is nigh. Or feel as though we need to ram in a bajillion Christmas things into the minuscule slots we have identified into an already crammed family calendar.

And don’t even get me started on Elf on The Shelf which I have so far managed to avoid but being increasingly pushed on the subject by my darling six-year-old daughter. Oh, how could I deny her???! I could let mum guilt get the better of me but no I won’t because, actually I value…

Maintaining sanity

Here’s the thing. It’s a good thing not to be like everyone right? Nobody wants to be a lemming or pigeonholed, do they?

So I’ve decided, I don’t care if I’m not going here, or doing the thing that everyone else is raving on about, or wasting obscene amounts of time hiding a bloody elf in obscure places around the house.

When looking for people who must also feel the same ways as me then, of course, I knew I could count on the Unmumsy Mummy to shine a light on how ridiculous everything has gotten. Good god, not only do we need to worry about all the above, but also now what our Christmas THEME is going to be????!!!!


The reality is – everyone is probably only doing a couple of things right? But the combined noise of all the doing and seeing and going can be so loud and totally overwhelming. So here’s my advice to you – pick two, maybe three things you really want to do this Christmas, ignore the festive noise and sidestep the Christmas pressure and keep your sanity in check!

I’ll leave you with my video on top tips for reducing Christmas stress for mums – remember, just do you and be you!

Are you feeling the Christmas pressure to do everything this year? Do share your thoughts in a comment below.


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  1. In previous years we have jammed so much in and it has left me ill and burnt out. It is nice to do maybe 1 Christmassy thing, even if that juts means going to the garden centre to see santa. We all put way too much pressure on ourselves.

  2. This year I have had to learn the word NO and to really mean it. I tend to say yes to everything and massively overstretch myself and just don’t enjoy things as much as I would if I just chilled out about it.

    Heres to a calm and enjoyable season for us all x x

  3. I have a Christmas theme – it’s called ‘winging it’. And as for cramming ‘festive stuff’ in, I’m ok as my kids are too old for Santa, so I’ll drag them round a Christmas market with me – because I fancy it – and if they are lucky I might treat them to some churros!

  4. I think we see so much on social media and think we have to keep up when really most people just do one thing! This year we are doing a Santa breakfast and that’s about it! Hopefully will keep sane.

  5. i try not to put so much pressure on myself over Christmas , its hard as it is finding the time to get everything ready as it is x kind regards Pati Robins

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