The Mum Coach: How to get your to-do list DONE!

Have you got to-do list for your to-do lists? Here’s how to boss them and be more productive …

Overwhelm sucks!

That panic feeling that there is just no way you can do everything on your to-do list.When you are shouting at the kids, snapping at your partner or self-soothing with a glass of wine, biscuit or other vice just to get through the day. Not only that, it is so unproductive!

This is something my overwhelmed clients find works a treat!

Step 1

First, brain dump all your to-do list.

Next, mark them …

Do – these are things that are vital, urgent or important, or that bring you happiness.

Delete – get rid of anything that is not vital or important, especially if it doesn’t make you happy.

Maybe it’s a favour you said you’d do or a commitment that no longer serves or suits you or a job around the house – if it’s not going to improve your life get rid of it.

This is where you get to practice putting your own needs before others.

Top Tip! Say no to favours and engagements first! Especially to those outside of your nearest and dearest. You can always change your mind!

Delegate – do you have to do it or can someone else step in and help?

You need to empty your plate a bit! Be brutal. Can your partner cook the dinner and clean up whilst you do the finances? Could you lift share or have someone else grab the kids whilst you put together a starfish costume?What about outsourcing?

Maybe get a cleaner or dog walker if finances allow or get the kids involved and helping out if they are old enough and if not, do you have a skill or something you could swap?

Step 2

Bin the delete list and if there is nothing on it – go and look again – I bet there is stuff that can come off!

Think of your next steps for the delegate list:

Do you need to have a conversation?Make arrangements? Get recommendations? Write down your next steps for each and add them to the to do.

Now the doing! Highlight anything that is urgent. Next, you are going to pick no more than three things to do each day. MAXIMUM! These are called your VIT’s – Very Important Things.

Now, this is the important bit…Anything on your list at the end of the day has to be THE FIRST item you tackle the next day.

Step 3

Start enjoying the feeling of being done for the day, that you have achieved everything you have set out too and start investing a bit of time on yourself.

Whatever that may be for you.

Maybe it’s a bath. Maybe it’s a snuggle on the sofa with the kids, just enjoying their company and not feeling stressed or guilty because there was something else you should be doing. Maybe it’s a yoga class or a good book.

Whatever it is invest some time in you. It’s not just your phone that needs recharging every day!

Kim Raine is the Founder of the Sort Your Crap Collective and the creator of Slim From Within an 8 week coaching program for women who are sick and tired of endless diets, fresh starts and false hopes.

Kim is a Life Coach and Health Mentor who is fanatical about helping women free themselves from the blocks that are holding them back so they can sort their crap out once and for all.

Kim empowers women to reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress, lose weight, sleep better and reconnect with their true selves so they can lead healthier happier lives.

You can find her over at

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  1. Sounds like a good method! I usually write my whole list out, then write a MUST list for that day, prioritise tasks out! That way you’re not left in a panic when the house insurance runs out tomorrow and you haven’t set up the renal! Caitylis x

  2. I have lots of things that I stress about needing to do but never actually write myself to-do lists, I imagine physically ticking things off it is satisfying but I know I would stress when actually seeing how much is on i!

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