5 tips for beautiful skin this spring/summer

tips for beautiful skin

Spring might have only just officially started to bloom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited for the warmer months ahead! Even Spring sometimes surprises us with a few days of glorious sunshine and rising temperatures and with that in mind, most of us want to be ready to cast off those heavy jeans and thick leggings and welcome back those cute dresses and stylish shorts with open arms.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, but if you’re hoping for a little more confidence when you make the big reveal in your summer dress and sandals on the school run then you might want to read on.

Here we’ll look at some super simple tips so you can get beautiful skin this summer and step out feeling confident and gorgeous inside and out.

Your makeup

From mascara and eyeshadow to foundation and eye creams (eye creams are important if you want to hide those heavy, tired eyes!)  when the weather gets warmer, you might need to reconsider how much you’re applying, the colours, and the coverage.

If you want glowing skin then it’s time to have a makeup bag clear out and maybe switch your heavy foundation for a simple BB or CC cream for some basic coverage. Try playing with light, glittery colours for your eyes and don’t forget a little bronzer if you want a sun kissed look.

tips for beautiful skin


There’s nothing worse or uncomfortable then struggling with acne on your back and shoulders. Especially when you’re looking forward to wearing strappy tops and dresses. So, if this is something you struggle with, try to wear floaty, lighter tops with breathable material in the run up to summer.

If you like to work out at home or at the gym, your sweat could be exacerbating the problem, so try to shower as soon as you’ve completed your workout. If showering straight away isn’t doable, try to wipe away as much sweat as possible with wipes and remove your sports bra so your skin can breathe.

Chalky, dry knees

Knees put up with a lot of friction from clothing over the winter months, so they can become quite dry and flaky. Make sure that you’re applying lots of lotion and make moisturising the area a regular part of your beauty routine

Cracked heels

Our feet put up with a lot! And we often neglect them! So, if you want super pretty feet this summer and to put on those flip flops and sandals with ease then make sure you start looking after them.

Exfoliate your feet and your heels regularly and moisturise too. You can spoil yourself with a pedicure at your local salon or treat yourself to some new nail polish and paint your toes a different colour every day!

tips for beautiful skin

Glowing skin

Don’t forget to exfoliate your face at least 1-2 times a week to keep your skin glowing. I also swear by using Marvel Gel. If you’re not a fan of fake tan, or worried about how well you apply it, try adding a tinted moisturiser to your skin instead, and build your tan up gradually.

So I say bring on the sunny days! With a few little tweaks to our hurried beauty routines we can be summer ready by the time the end of Spring rolls around. What do you think of these tips for beautiful skin? Do leave a comment and share.


*This is a collaborative post

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  1. Nice tips! In summer season there is a need to follow such skincare routine to keep the skin glowing and beautiful. I can add some new steps in my skincare routine. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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