The 8 fears of motherhood

fears of motherhood

Once you get over the initial fear of becoming a mother, motherhood then comes along and waves a whole bunch of other fears you never could have possibly conceived even existed in the first instance in your face….just to add insult to your already…aherm… injured self. So what are these eight new fears of motherhood you can be sure that we will all experience at one time or another? Let me break them down for you here….

the 8 fears of motherhood

FONBCA = Fear Of Not Being Cool Anymore

Never cool in the first place – hurrah for you! You can hop along to the next fear though. But for those of you who liked to think you were a bit “cool” in your pre-motherhood days, if there was ever a time when you will feel totally uncool it’s in motherhood. Because nope, there is nothing cool about the life of a mother….stained smeared, acting like a headless chicken in a state of constant fast forward, and going to bed at 8.30pm because quite frankly, you’ve had enough of today. This fear is really real man!

FOFUMK = Fear of F***ing Up My Kids

Hands up if you’re constantly worrying that your actions or words are messing up your kids? Woah there – it’s like a never ending sea of hands out there! Are they going to turn into despicable narcissists from us over indulging them as parents? Are they going to be absolutely useless in the real world because we couldn’t step back and let them get on with it? Are they going to be rocking in a corner forever more because basically you just did what you thought was best at the time? Welcome to a seemingly never ending barrel full of fears to which you can just go ahead and help yourself too because there is just SO MUCH of this lot to go round!

FOHNF = Fear of Having No Friends

Friends? Friends? Everywhere you look it looks like people are busy friending, and having the time of their lives all over the shop….they’re beaming in Starbucks, they’re frolicking on Facebook….LOOK AT EVERYONE AND THEIR FRIENDS on bloody social media! And then the next thought usually goes: Sob!….where have all my friends gone?

FONBP = Fear of Not Being Perfect

Those of you who read this blog regularly know what I think about trying to be a perfect mum…that it is a bucket of utter s***. Yet even though most of us with two brain cells to rub together know this to be true, there is still that ridiculously sentiment that rises up inside us all (myself included!) fueled by our innate insecurities (damn them!) which leaves us wondering how everyone else can be so seemingly perfect when we are fatally flawed. You know what they say….perfection is the disease of a nation so this is one fear we should definitely put in a box somewhere and throw away the key to forever more!

FODT = Fear of Dinner Time

Ahhhh dinner time…otherwise known as the most hellish part of the day. You have no idea what to cook for dinner, somebody always hates what you end up cooking, everyone is tired, grumpy and that generally leads to some kind of living dinner hell! As the hours count down to dinner time, you feel the angst rising up inside you like an endless crescendo until you can’t take it anymore….and of course…the only course of action is now to dull that crescendo with a nice big glass of wine….which is why wine o’clock in my house so nicely ties in with….5 o’clock.

FOLYS = Fear or Losing Your Sexy

Hey! Hey! Did you see my sexy? I last saw it…somewhere over there…about three to five years ago before I had kids. I’m sure it’s still there somewhere, if you look hard enough. Or maybe…if you don’t look hard enough at my withered boobs or wrinkly tummy. In fact, just turn the light out and if we fumble around enough we might just stumble upon it somewhere in the dark.

FOM = Fear of Mortification

Kids…you can’t take them anywhere without the possibility of a public humiliation. Embarrassing tantrums, obscenely inappropriate comments about elderly upstanding citizens and general behaviour that makes you look like an utter MAD WOMAN. Better just stay inside today and reduce all odds of that happening…because what happens in these four walls stays in these four walls.

FOBSTICF = Fear of Being So Tired I Can’t Function

And now for the biggest fear of them all. One day, you’re just going to be so tired that your brain falls out of your ear and can never get back inside your head again just like that – KABOOM!. And then you will all rue the day you were born, sproglets.

I’m thinking we could add a lot more to this fear list. Feel free to have a free for all in the comment section below!

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  1. I definitely feel the fear of f*$king them up! I think if we didn’t all have at least a mix of these fears, we wouldn’t be very good parents! xx #coolmumclub

  2. Oh man yes, yes and yes. I have had all of these fears. I think the two that have affected me the most are the fear of not being cool and having no friends! Only because none of my friends have kids, so understand = zero. #coolmumclub

  3. Fear of being a mum cliche – dressing like a mum, talking like a mum, dancing like a mum – ha, it’s too late I already tick all those boxes!!! #coolmumclub

  4. I am currently too tired to function. I’ve just looked up to realise I’ve dressed the child in PJ bottoms and a jumper. At least he is clothed though. #coolmumclub

  5. Have felt every single one of them – fear of messing him up currently as trying to sort out his sleeping routine and worried I left it too late and havery ruined him for life! This also means the last fear is prominent!

  6. These are awesome. Fear of just finally collapsing out of exhaustion. I am right there with you on that one. Fear of the bedtime routine is my big one. It is such a mess every night.


  7. I love the fear of losing your sexy! I’m not sure I was particuarly sexy to begin with, but whatever I had was wiped out the minute we entered the labour room (who am I kidding – waddling at 8 months+ doesn’t exactly make anyone weak at the knees!) #coolmumclub

  8. Fear of Not Being Cool Anymore…. I can still remember the moment I realised I was no longer the ‘Cool’ Aunt to my nephews. (I heard one of them whisper ‘Fail’ to the other) It still hurts… ha ha ha

  9. I just love this – hilarious! FOFUMK – have that one one a daily basis, about 10 times a day. And FOLYS – can’t imagine anything with a pulse giving me a second glance anymore! As soon as I had my first baby and I was much younger then, I decided I have NOBODY WILL EVER FIND ME ATTRACTIVE AGAIN BECAUSE I AM NOW A MUM tattooed across my head. Good to know I’m not alone! #coolmumclub

  10. I’d add FOTEWU – Fear of the early wake up which is beyond real in our house! In fact, I’m fearful of the fact it’s 7.30 and I’m not getting a reverse lie in right now 😉
    Don’t worry Talya, you’ll always be queen cool of #coolmumclub! x

  11. Fab post. I laughed along to all of this even though I can relate to every single one of your points.


  12. Nail. Hit. Head! Fear of fucking everything. Until you’re too tired to care (me) and live life wondering when was the last time I washed my hair?

  13. Oh god yes. To every single one (except being cool, I don’t think I’ve ever been cool). I’d also add FOLTH Fear of Leaving The House – the last minute trips to the toilet as your opening the door, the lost shoes, lost keys, lost bags, the arguments and shouting. And FOTFS Fear of The Food Shop – trying to do the food shop with a toddler who refuses to sit in the trolley or walk and instead prefers to sit/lie in the middle of the aisle, or run of and hide. The scariest part comes when you get to the essential wine aisle and you envision them knocking every single bottle off the shelves!!

  14. Brilliant! I feel most or all of these on a regular basis. I would also add FOGOWRI (Fear of Getting Old Without Realising It) as we’re too busy looking after little people and marvelling how quickly they grow up to to remember that we are getting older too! And FOLMI (Fear of Losing My Identity) which sort of speaks for itself! #coolmumclub

  15. this is summed up perfectly!!! I used to moan about being tired – boy did i not know the meaning of the word!!! even when pregnant i was like “oh at least once baby is here i can drink coffee to get through the day” not realising that means one hot sip and the rest stone cold!!!

  16. Going to bed at 8.30 because you’ve had enough of today. PML!! And the fear of not being perfect. OMG yes! We know there’s no such thing as a perfect mum but we still beat ourselves up over our imperfection. Ugh. Shoot me. #coolmumclub

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